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  1. What? and nah I wouldn’t accept that deal for Thomas.
  2. send the one you like the least over and see what happens
  3. You could try. I doubt anyone would take that
  4. Depends on the price for either. See if you could get OBJ cheap and see what it would cost for harry.
  5. Get out of that league if they are going to veto like that. Otherwise throw in mike williams? Hard to know without seeing his team and what he needs
  6. I haven’t seen elroypedro after beating his chest about Damien Williams then disappearing.
  7. Can’t see your team but that looks like a good deal.
  8. I like henry over cook but either i think will be fine
  9. Yeah, week one overreactions. He’s definitely someone I’d pick up if dropped. (Depending on roster)
  10. I didn’t see the game but the most promising stat was the 17 carries. fournette was no better but he’s fresh on the team. You can’t tell too much about the entire season from the very first game. howd rojo look on touches? If it wasn’t good it wouldn’t be a bad idea to buy low on fournette if you need a lotto ticket RB.
  11. To make it especially offensive, you could have said field instead of stands.
  12. That’s probably why the threads are usually locked on game day. The rollercoaster of emotion on each player thread would be ridiculous
  13. Oh man I rip Nagy all the time. Fire nagy, pace and trubisky. Nagy does have some horrible play calling but Trubisky can’t make reads or throw.
  14. Mack’s adp was way lower and looks like he was doing better with the carries but yeah can’t predict injury.
  15. It was all in the 4th. Color me skeptical but I think this is one of his best games this season.
  16. Nah, he was bad for 75% and turned it on in the 4th quarter. He made some bad throws and even the announcers were questioning whether we would see him in the 2nd half. Looked like lions just gave it away. They had a chance to seal it by running 3 times and punting and instead Stafford throws a pick on 3rd. I don’t think trubisky improved at all from last year. Also missed Kmet by half a mile for a 3 yard td
  17. I was touting this guy for redraft over JT. egg on my face but that’s fantasy I guess. JT stock about to rocket.
  18. Still just a rookie playing his first real nfl game in a really high pressure situation with that drop. Still should have been a gimme but I think he’ll be ok. not too worried about KJ but AP with a strong showing is the real problem.
  19. At least he didn’t get a goose egg. Seemed like a tough matchup anyway. Could be a good buy low candidate if the owner is frustrated.
  20. Bears/lions were what? 12-3 at half? They ended up scoring 50.
  21. I thought I hated Tom Brady. But after he left, the hate is still just for the pats. I don’t really feel that for Brady anymore.
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