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  1. I think the WRs are OK. You also took a bunch of questions marks for RBs. CEH rook, DJ new system, Buncha rookies. Josh Jacobs should be good though.
  2. Arians came out in support of Rojo. I dont particularly like either of these RBs. Id go with rojo since hes more of a homerun at this point in case he takes over the TB backfield.
  3. I could see Hunter Henry but Wilson/Garroppolo? Crazy talk
  4. Looks like you went for the discounted players. Could pay off really well if they bounce back.
  5. WHo else is around there? I dont like any of those particularly
  6. Seems pretty good. Wouldnt be surprised if you made the playoffs
  7. RBs: Chubb, Jacobs, Mixon, Drake, Sanders, CEH WRs: Thomas(Maybe), Hill, Adams, I wouldnt go QB or TE here. I dont particularly like the RBs there but I feel like you have to at that spot.
  8. Depends who you trade for. I think you are fine with what you got though
  9. No problem with it. Its like the people who try to match up WR with someone elses QB. JUST PICK WHO YOU THINK WILL DO BETTER
  10. Zeke > Chubb Swift < Mixon Golladay > DK Lockett > Diggs I think its a good deal if you believe in Swift.
  11. Trade 2 is trash but trade 1 is OK for redraft leagues. Hyde and penny give me a little pause but i wouldnt blame you for doing this move. People have alot of faith in the cards offense. plus drake did spectacular at the end of last year.
  12. Id go hilton over parker. Try trading for preston williams. Likely much cheaper and just as good a chance at matching parkers numbers
  13. Hes playing 4D chess while youre playing in the sandbox buckaroo. Little did you know brandin cooks has all the athletic and football talents as hopkins AND MORE! Yeah im not sure but Watson is a great QB and will make fantasy relevant players. Who tf knows with this team though. Strange offseason moves and no real direction/plan
  14. Jeez! Could you label those axis? Is it yards Y and Date on the X? Could have suffered from a lingering injury + bad play calling. I still like DJ but i dont like his situation again. They did just give up DEANDRE HOPKINS for him so if hes not used i think there will be more riots.
  15. NE has Michel, Harris, White and I agree, I think Mack will be a bigger part of the offense than people think too. Id go with Kupp since he seems more of the home run hit if he stays healthy considering this was redraft.
  16. You guys need to stop posting that ONE play over and over and over. I havent seen any other play posted from DJ. Im on fournettes side just because the team change AND houston hasnt really been good with RBs since Arian Foster
  17. I don’t trust the bears to evaluate QBs. They are better off throwing darts in later rounds for one. They had a 2/3 chance to land a franchise QB and whiffed horribly.
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