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  1. I'd stick with Monty. Your WRs are set and you can't afford to lose depth at RB. Sit tight.
  2. Thanks. I've been starting Gordon and Ekeler together since he came back and it hasn't exactly worked out for me. They seem dead set on feeding Gordon so I feel like the week I sit him is the week he goes for 25-100-2.
  3. I like this team, the Mahomes/Hill stack could be absolutely deadly. I do have some concerns over Michel and your depth at WR outweighs your depth at RB. If I were you I would try to package Sony with Boyd or Fuller and try to upgrade.
  4. Diggs for me and not even all that close. Sanders production will be very inconsistent all year, essentially relying entirely on the passing game.
  5. You've probably gotten enough help already, but Crowder for sure lol.
  6. In a difficult spot for this week. I'm working under the assumption that I'm going to lose Amari Cooper for the week so I need to fill my WR2 slot and 2 additional flex's. 0.5 PPR. I need to choose 3 of the following for my WR2 and 2 flex's: - Melvin Gordon - Austin Ekeler - Emmanuel Sanders - Mike Williams - Allen Lazard I'm 2-4 so this is essentially a must win game. My gut is telling me Gordon, Sanders and Lazard (especially if the top 3 guys in GB sit). Thanks, post link and I WHIR
  7. Agreed, it's just finding that sweet spot of a positive game script but not getting benched because he played so terrible, lol
  8. Josh Allen had 4 turnovers last week........ My point is Jameis was drafted in the double digit rounds for a reason. If he made smart throws he'd go in round 6-7 with all of that talent around him. He he falls on his face tonight I'll consider it then. Will see how it looks.
  9. Just feel like dropping Jameis is an overreaction. Too many quality weapons, (likely) positive passing game scripts, and a coach I still trust. We'll see......
  10. This is literally my situation, with Josh Allen still on waivers. I'm giving it one more week and going with Jameis.
  11. For me it's a toss-up between Blount and Dion Lewis, with the edge going to Lewis considering the PPR format. Blount is in a favourable game script sure, but he's still a part of a 3-man committe and Dion Lewis should be a safe bet to catch a few passes.
  12. Drop Powell for sure. But moving forward it helps to post your whole roster (at least your RB's) to see what makes most sense. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/679550-trade-jameis-for-garcon-whir/
  13. In a 2 for 1, 75% of the time the single player usually wins the deal. I don't think Jordy can be trusted right now, so I would go with Gurley. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/679550-trade-jameis-for-garcon-whir/
  14. Hi all, the following is my team in a standard scoring (6 pt. passing TD, no flex) league. QB- Watson, Winston, Taylor WR- AJ Green, Cooks, Cooper RB- Hunt, Gurley, Martin, Crowell, Foreman TE- Henry As you can see, my starters are very solid and I have depth at QB and RB, the issue is with WR depth. Basically I'd be trading my 2nd QB for a 4th WR. Help is appreciated and I will help in return, just post your link. as an FYI - the garcon owner also has Diggs, but I don't think he'll go for Diggs. Thanks,
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