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  1. Like title says need help with starting lineup. STD scoring 2RB/2WR/1 Flex Elliot, D.Williams, J.White, B.Cooks, J.Gordon, DJAX, Crowder, AJ Brown.
  2. Yeah that is my worry, no Stanfford on the wire my league is weird most teams have 2 QBs and some 3. How would you set up my starting lineup this week?
  3. My team is in my signature, it’s a standard league 2RB/2WR/1 Flex. Elliot, D.Williams, White, Cooks, Gordon, DJAX, Crowder and AJ Brownish I think I need to trade for a RB and QB, one team has Conner and Rivers/Wilson. I was thinking of offering him a trade. Should I? If so what should I offer?
  4. Not many options. Jalen Richard Dion Lewis Darwin Thompson Jamal Williams Damien Harris Mostert Ogunbowale
  5. No IR spot. Elliot, D.Williams, White, Mattison, Justin Jackson.
  6. My team is below, standard scoring. Garoppolo (Luck Retired on Me), Elliot, D.Williams, J.White, Guice, Mattison, Justin Jackson, B.Cooks, J.Gordon, DJAX, Crowder, M. Jones Jr., AJ Brown, Kelce. I was thinking of trying to make a trade for a QB & RB since I'm very thin at that position, one team has Conner and Rivers/Wilson so I thinking of targeting Conner with one of the QB's, do you think I should do this? If so what should I offer?
  7. Do I drop Guice for Mike Davis? Also need help with who I should start this week, this is a Standard League 2RB/2WR/1FLEX Elliot, D.Williams, B.Cooks, J.Gordon, DJAX, Crowder, J.White, M.Jones Jr., AJ Brown
  8. Standard scoring, which one do you start?
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