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  1. The amount of guaranteed volume weekly this guy gets only few others in the nfl get. He’s a set and forget. [...] He’s RB4 overall.
  2. Classic week 1 overreaction. Godwin is going to beast.
  3. The most epic fantasy flop ever? My goodness that awful performance costed so many people tonight I’m sure.
  4. I wonder how many peoples fantasy championships ride on this guys performance tonight
  5. Incoming all the people saying this is their last year playing fantasy football and how it all luck... See you again in August lol.
  6. DJ Moore is the #7 overall WR in ppr... Let's consider benching him in the championship game even though hes a target monster. You guys really overthink this game.
  7. Stupid. That's called getting cute. Chubb leads the NFL in rushing and is a bonafide stud. Benching him for 3rd string RB is not smart
  8. anyone rolling with him against pitt?
  9. Don’t be shocked if this guy puts up a strong game. That’s just how fantasy football works
  10. I understand running the ball. But what’s the point consistently handing it off over and over. Then finally decide to pass when the defense knows and it’s obvious on a 3rd & Long. Your having success get yards running.. it would set up well for play action. Nope let’s just keep running. That was pretty frustrating to watch.
  11. any league where Calvin Ridley is dropped is a joke.
  12. this guy is a beast and severely under utilized. like someone else said I think Rivers doesn't like this guy or something. Put him in KC or Green Bay and this guy is locked in for double digit touchdowns.
  13. don't beat yourself up about it... There's always going to be plenty of times we make the wrong decision. I've gone with my "gut" as well against fantasy analysts opinion and been wrong then wondered why the hell did I get cute and go against analysts advice. FF is wild and crazy unpredictable things happen all the time.
  14. i guess people don't realize hindsight is 20/20 lol. these guys aren't experts. they basically do all the dirty work for you (and get paid pretty good for it). They line up all the stats for you and make informed decisions with highest probabilities. There will always be outlier results that you can't predict.
  15. people obsess over schedule too much... kamara plays on one of the best teams in the nfl with a great o-line. No matter the opponent he is going to give you points... someone thinking about trading kamara for bell who plays on the s---y jets is hilarious
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