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  1. Anything to see here? Gibson has a 0.43 ERA & 17k, 3BB over his last 3 starts (21.0 IP). Outside of his horrible 1st outing he’s been great.
  2. Didn't give up any runs today but was wild and couldn't command his pitches. Finishes game with 5ip, 4h, 6bb, 3k... I might hold on for 1 more start next week @ TB but not feeling to good about it
  3. Sitting out for 2nd game in a row not sure I can hold on much longer
  4. His stuff looked good tonight I am encouraged by the outing
  5. Huge 4 out save tonight for Holland including a big strikeout of Trout.
  6. Holland in trouble here come on Holland finish this game!!
  7. Kimbrel with big save. He is looking good so far this year!
  8. Pinch hit bomb today good to see him get back in the game. I am sensing a breakout year for Buxton. He is looking real good so far and seems more confident than ever
  9. I wouldn’t worry about him being off yesterday. He is going to be the everyday starter and leading off. Just hit a big home run today he looks good
  10. Happ bomb to straightaway CF. Let’s go!
  11. Ok Mr. Benintendi your son is struggling and just isn’t very good anymore maybe he should take PED’s
  12. WARNING: Anyone looking to join any of Buzz leagues please see below... I played in Buzz fball league this year and while it was fun there was also some issues. One issue he didn’t accommodate rosters how he should of with COVID-19. Every other league I was in handled the Covid situation much better than Buzz did. Secondly and more importantly he expects at least a 10% tip if you win. I won the fball league and I tipped him $50 as I thought I was being nice to buy him lunch or dinner or some drinks. His response was below... Hello Jeff, I didn’t want t
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