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  1. A league I'm in is currently in Round 1, all teams are frozen during playoffs anyway. What I'm more concerned of is how we'd determine the standings, there is a Swiss-system tournament for the top picks next year (6 non-playoff teams fight for top 6 rankings).
  2. Well at least we know he's ACTUALLY injured... Yikes. At worst, this could snowball into rest days and eventually a shut down. Hope it doesn't, I'm okay with losing some value from my investment but not everything!!
  3. The past 2-3 seasons the quality of overall posts have been declining, I'm sure we've all noticed. Have you sifted through r/fantasybball? Dear Lord...
  4. There's still a quarter to play and more..
  5. In Utah? Maybe, but what about years of being a proven veteran with class... Depends on how you look at it.
  6. AG too. Fournier just wanted that drive because RJ was getting stretched out and the NYK defense wasn't set. It was a good drive, especially with Robinson prone to fouling. In fact, the best pass would have been to Vuc at the point when Randle and Robinson collapsed on him. I probably wouldn't look for Isaac for the open 3 to be honest, he's streaky and that 5 3PTM game seems like an outlier as he hasn't dropped any threes in any other game. Tempering our expectations on the offensive end would be the best way of going at this, I wouldn't expect more than 10 ppg but obviously would w
  7. I feel Pop has his favourites, and it doesn't seem like Bertans was one of them. He was somewhat buried on the depth chart in SA and it seems hard to earn Pop's trust. Bertans is basically free right now, and despite his lack of defensive stats, the FG+FT+3PM+TO+PTS combo off the waiver is valuable for certain builds or deep leagues. Just wish we got a few more rebounds from PF. His shooting should come down, so if he gets more than 14-3 with 2 threes and .430/.820 he's staying on my team, though he is my first drop candidate if someone like Aron Baynes comes out of nowhere.
  8. Would prefer if he didn't play to help get that hip issue healed. Playing a soft 20 minutes in games doesn't seem like a good way to go about this
  9. FWIW, in my 14-team 9-cat league, I'm not ready to sell low as of now. I've invested my 4th round pick on him, I'm going to give him a long leash because I know how he can play and how high of a ceiling he has. I'm probably going to start panicking in 2 or 3 weeks if this continues.
  10. Do suspended players get an INJ tag on yahoo to slot them in IL?
  11. Wow, the game 1 over reactions are real in the forums Weak hands? Just drop him, end the headache quickly.
  12. Wasn't able to watch the game but encouraging minutes. All starters got 30+, so stats will come. Can't really do much except ride it out when team mates are hot. I feel like it'll be hot potato in Charlotte. I don't think Cody Zeller will get more shots than Bridges on most nights, I don't see Zeller being healthy enough to play 30 minutes a night
  13. Yes 100% Tough game 1 in a short week but oh well
  14. Last 20 games of the season he was able to go for 10.9 points with 1.8 threes on .446%. Not the biggest difference but there's no reason to believe he won't improve on his numbers in general from last year. It's all about the value on where you draft him.. anywhere close to 100 or if you grab a low-blocks C early, block specialists who are not C become more valuable than represented in the box scores. Or say if you're punting FG, stocks guys like Isaac help prevent you from fully punting blocks as well at the later rounds of the draft.
  15. I have small concerns regarding his health and age. I know his game translates relatively well with age and helps that he's beside Mitchell and in front of Gobert, but his average games plays over his career is around 65. I might be looking to sell high mid way though the season as his assists can be more valuable to another team. I drafted him for efficiency, steals and 3PM on a punt assist team.
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