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  1. No, keep Lewis. He's having a rough year, but he's the best prospect of the three.
  2. His change-up is so nasty. Hopefully he'll be able to command his fastball better this year.
  3. Pretty nice opening day with two home runs. Now that he has an every day role, he could be in for a big year.
  4. As a fellow Reds fan, Schebler is definitely not awesome. But you're right about Kemp. Until he's traded away, it's going to be a headache owning Winker.
  5. Wish he was in the CBS database. Kid has all the qualities of the next great prospect.
  6. When has Gennett's health been an issue this year? The reason he hasn't seen time in the OF isn't because he's not healthy to play there, it's because he's just a terrible outfielder with a horrible arm.
  7. The only major mistake the Reds have made was rushing to trade Chapman as soon as the domestic abuse allegations came to light. I don't think they even have any prospects left in the organization from that trade, while the Yankees got Gleyber and then resigned Chapman again. The recent draft picks have led to some intriguing prospects, the Suarez trade was a robbery, and like you mentioned, the Scooter pickup has worked out as well.
  8. Why would the Reds bring Senzel up when he's currently blocked at 2B and 3B? The Reds aren't going to be competitive this year, even with Senzel in the lineup, so no point in rushing him to the bigs. If he continues to hit and makes progress with his defense at 2B, they'll bring him up after the All-Star break when Scooter is traded.
  9. Suarez is not a natural SS. He's passable at best.
  10. He's giving you Betts? Take that before he backs out of the deal.
  11. Is this a keep forever league? If so, Ohtani is worth a lot, even with the TJS. If you're trying to win now, I'd still be targeting a top 20-30 type OF/SP. You could probably get someone like Marte or K. Davis pretty easily. You may have to add, but if a rebuilding team happens to have an "older" top tier outfielder like Blackmon, I'd even try to see if they'd be interested.
  12. Any actual reasoning behind that? I like Lewis, but even going through a slump to begin the year, Bo is still outperforming him at a higher level.
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