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  1. NE shut him down earlier this season but hoping his chemistry with Allen has taken enough of a step forward to put up reasonable numbers tonight
  2. Hunt and montgomery....ugh. Didn't know the bears were a past first team....
  3. Anyone worried about this game. On paper looks like a cakewalk but the begals D has been solid the past few weeks
  4. Looks like a 1 to 3 inch snow fall later today. Nothing crazy
  5. Was looking like a Longshot to do much this week but with the loss of wrs in Cleveland I think he will definitely get his share of touches.
  6. Yeah sure will. Looks like the entire wr Corp is gonna be out.
  7. Been on the field quite a bit. Brady hasn't targeted him... Still it seems he is feeding everyone in the end zone so wondering if his turn is coming
  8. Brady "should" put up numbers today. Hoping AB can find the end zone again today. Now depends if stafford and Detroit can make it a close game
  9. It is tough....[...] These Saturday games are throwing a wrench in things. JRob says he fills fine to play which is great but he who in the world knows if he will.
  10. Thinking the same thing. He did walk off to the sideline so they probably just kept him out in a blowout. I don't think we will get much clarity though until late in the week as he has been minimally practicing recently
  11. Had an ankle injury but been hanging on the sidelines
  12. With the Baltimore secondary banged up he is worth a dart throw....but man...tough to swallow based on his performance this year
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