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  1. Big week for me. I need a flex spot filled. I have parker who i regret not starting last week. Latavius. Gio bernard and pittman who flopped me who would u start as flex? i have drake and ekler starting and ridley and robert woods starting ppr league
  2. Is it bad to have ekeler and kelley or am i selling myself short?
  3. I have a ppr league and these guys to choose from robert woods, @Buffalo joshua kelley, @ carolina mike davis, @chargers allen lazard @ saints and david johnson @ pittsburg whose in the best spot this week? im starting ekeler and drake as my rbs and ridley and dionte johnson as my wr’s
  4. If you really want to strengthen the TE position i would go for kelce. He has a solid floor. But i wouldnt trade them away otherwise. Kelley will be the new melvin. And melvin will get it together over there eventually. Like the other dude said. Rbs are dropping like flies this year.. thanks for help on mine
  5. i def like jonathan taylor vs jets they suck. I like chubb i think he will have atleast 15 touches allen robinson, diggs and dionte as flex would be my picks... atl has no defense. Dionte is looking like bens number 1. Diggs has ramsey but also tied for league lead in yards. Thielen i like alot but he seems like he will be up and down this year my other starters are deshaun watson kenyan drake austin ekeler calvin ridley and hayden hurst i need wr and flex play to start. And i have robert woods, joshua kelley, david and dionte johns
  6. In my flex play i have david johnson and dionte johnson i also have robert woods in the mix. Which 2 would u start?? my other rbs are ekeler kelley drake mike davis other wrs are calvin ridley ppr league
  7. Would u drop him for kelley davis freeman or mckinnon? Im ready to drop him for any one of those guys
  8. Also should i drop ronald jones for one of them?!?
  9. Ugh this is so tough. Who knows who will breakout. I also have drake ekeler and david johnson
  10. Cmc owner. Ppr jerick mckinnon joshua kelley devonta freeman mike davis mike davis’s time is borrowed but overall production for the next 4 weeks Whats your ranks?!?
  11. I also have cmc. So between these guys and davis and mckinnon in what order do you rank em? davis, freeman, mckinnon, kelley
  12. Im feeling like freemans amount of touches will make him relevant again. Thoughts?
  13. Hey guys. I lost cmc but i have drake, ekeler, and david johnson as my rbs right now. should i use cmc’s spot (hes in IR) for mike davis? joshua kelley? Darell henderson? jerrick mckinnon? devonta freeman?? Or try and beef up another position with someone whose in a good position for the season due to Injuries?? Also who would u consider dead weight and needs to be dropped or swapped for wavier adds Im looking for the long term add here for a future trade piece or injury insurance 10 team ppr my squad deshaun watson cmc keny
  14. Im also on the fence about benching melvin gordon. And going with drake and freeman. And my 3rd rb who is already starting is chris carson.
  15. 10 team ppr league i have a few players to fill a flex spot. Who would you trust?? anthony miller vs KC Devonta freeman vs JAX kenyan drake vs SEA david montgomery vs KC and i also have kerrryon johnson but wasnt considering him
  16. Dallas goedert Noah fant david njoku Cameron brate i need a replacement for kelce on a bye week. And have a rivalry matchup!! Who would you choose??
  17. I think i would go with hyde. Chiefs cant handle the run. Colts beat them up last week by just running the ball. And marlon mack killed it thanks for help on mine
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