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  1. Ronald Jones isn’t a three down back in a Brady led offense. He had a grand total of 2 receptions in the final 7 games he played in and logged 5 drops for a drop rate of roughly 12%. He also had 2 brutal fumbles and is a liability in pass protection. He’s just fine as an actual runner, but is lousy at every other aspect of his position. Bringing in White would be perfect for the Bucs IRL but would suck for fantasy. Back to Godwin, it’s not even just which one of the 3 WRs is going to have a big game either. It could be none of them and be one of the couple of games a year where Gronk lead
  2. Gronkowski and Brown will both sign discount base contracts (with incentives) to play with Brady. Neither guy has any interest playing for any other QB. Godwin will more than likely be tagged. I don’t see why he wouldn’t be since his tag price (15.8m) is actually below his expected AAV would be in a long term deal. Bucs need to save as much money on offense as they can in order to resign David (which I’m 90% sure they will) and attempt to put together a deal for Barrett (only 50/50 on retaining him) to try and convince him to stay. As far as the offense goes, I think Fournette i
  3. Still the #1 overall pick in all formats IMO.
  4. In 2020, Jones caught a grand total of 2 passes in the final 7 games he played in. He also dropped 5 passes in 2020 and finished with a dropped pass percentage of 11.9%. He is clearly not “the guy” as far as the passing game goes in Tampa Bay. He was just fine running the ball but in a Brady led offense his snap share will be quite limited since he is a lousy receiver. I fully expect the Bucs to attempt to bring in James White who we already know has an excellent rapport with Brady and is superb in both catching the ball and in pass protection, the two areas where Jones struggles mightily
  5. A line of 76/1180/9 is his career average through 7 seasons. I expect him to finish within 5 catches (between 71-81) and 100 yards (between 1080-1280) of these averages. The only one that can vary wildly with him are TDs. He’s Brady’s favorite end zone target and is virtually impossible to cover one on one in goalline fade situations. Can’t really double team him either with all of the other weapons at Brady’s disposal. He’s a low end WR1 with a pretty safe floor but lacks the ceiling of the tippy top WRs since he has no chance to catch 100 passes or gain 1500 yards. Easy mid to late second ro
  6. Between the curse of 370 and the curse of 2000, I’m terrified. One is enough, but he has both factors working against him next year.
  7. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/02/08/bruce-arians-mike-evans-has-offered-to-give-up-money-to-keep-team-together/ Mike Evans is willing to take a pay cut and/or restructure his contract in order to keep the roster intact. Plus, we know Gronk isn’t going to go play with anybody that’s not Brady. I don’t think Antonio Brown wants to play with anybody else besides Brady either. O.J. Howard will be back next year as well as yet another weapon. All 5 starting offensive linemen are signed through next year (or longer) and the only piece on offense that isn’t a sure thing to retu
  8. I guess it didn’t matter last night. ✌️
  9. Huh? I drafted CEH in the first round of my biggest league this year and started him each and every week he was healthy. I rostered Bell but never started him. I also don’t think I’ve posted in this thread since early October (four months ago) either, but okay? 🤷🏻‍♂️ EDIT- And by saying “more work” in this particular game, I’m strictly talking snap share. No running back on Kansas City is going to go off running the ball against Tampa Bay’s defense. Not happening. KC’s offensive line is down to a JAG and four backups. They don’t like to keep a RB in for pass protection very much, but
  10. Some people will grasp at any and every straw they can find to try and discredit the GOAT. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. I think he’s going to get more work than people think in the Super Bowl. Kansas City’s offensive line is absolutely decimated and Bell is the most experienced back on their roster when it comes to pass protection. Mahomes’ toe still isn’t 100% either which means he won’t be as mobile as he normally is. They are going to need to try and protect him as much as they can because that Bucs pass rush is no joke.
  12. I’m surprised more isn’t being mentioned by the talking heads and “analysts” about Kansas City’s offensive line being as decimated as it is. Both of their starting tackles are out, as are their two best interior lineman: one due to injury and the other obviously due to opting out of the season. All you hear about is Brady and Mahomes, over and over. The most important matchup in this game is going to be Tampa Bay’s defensive line against Kansas City’s offensive line. That matchup is going to tell the story. Especially if Mahomes’ turf toe is still giving him any issues come game day and h
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/agents-take-heres-how-saints-can-dig-out-of-2021-salary-cap-mess-potential-cap-casualties-and-restructures/amp/ No matter what happens with the QB situation, the fact remains that the Saints are in complete salary cap hell. There are going to be a lot of changes in New Orleans regardless. They’ve been restructuring deals and manipulating the system for so long that it has finally caught up to them and their Final Notice just showed up and the rent is due. This year was their last chance to win, their window to being a legitimate c
  14. Tom Brady has made the Super Bowl 10/21 years, 47%. Steph Curry’s career 3 PT percentage is 43%. So, Brady is more likely to reach a Super Bowl, than Curry is to make a 3 PT shot. That’s crazy!
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