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  1. This dude is like the Mike Trout of pitchers. Absolutely dominant with absolutely no help.
  2. Yep. That’s what we all drafted him for. Hitting in the middle of the order with home games at Coors Field and no real threat to his playing time. The XBH are coming.
  3. First 5 out save of his career too. He’s dialed in this year. Cubs have a rare Friday off tomorrow so the extra work won’t have any effect on his a availability for their next game either. He’s still averaging a little above 97 mph on his fastball this year so no concerns with his velo. He is throwing his curveball more often than he has in his career so far this year (55/45 FB/CB spilt in 2021 as opposed to 65/35 FB/CB split for his career) but it’s a small sample size so far. In any event, he’s pounding the zone with quality pitches and getting ahead of hitters AND finishing them off too. Go
  4. I had no idea his ADP in snake drafts was so low as I only do auctions. I got him for way cheaper than I thought he should go for in an auction though especially considering it’s an OPS league. Love him hitting in the 2 hole right in front of Harper and Realmuto. Phillies lineup is very good this year and has like 6 guys that are fantasy viable.
  5. Rays fan, so yes. I have. Unfortunately Roe is out until the ASB though. 😭
  6. Castillo blew it but I still think he’s safe. Fairbanks is clearly the fireman and there’s nobody else with anywhere near as good of “stuff” as those two in the Rays pen.
  7. So pretty much what the “experts” were saying early this morning. Surgery is not needed but he’ll still be out for several weeks and then reevaluated. At which point, he could still opt for surgery or decide to play through it and put it off until the offseason. It will all depend on how he feels physically after some rest I suppose.
  8. The only offensive player on every single one of my teams this year. Always undervalued. Each and every year. bUt He OnLy CaN pLaY uTiL iN mY lInEuP!!!!! 11! You have to put someone in said UTIL slot, no? ✌️
  9. He already turned down a 6/120 extension that Houston offered. He’ll definitely get more on the open market. Back to Tatis - if I’m him, I’d just get the surgery now and make sure I’m 100% prepped, rehabbed and ready for next year. He’s already got his big payday and is still so young. Playing through the pain and risking further injury is silly IMO.
  10. Exactly correct. People forget that Correa was the 1st overall pick or something. He’s also put up a WAR of 27 through his age 25 season despite missing a lot of time due to injury. That’s just bonkers. To not consider him an extremely talented player is beyond shortsighted. As fun and exciting as Tatis has been, I can’t see him having a WAR of 27 through his age 25 season, especially with the injury concerns.
  11. That’s kind of a funny take since Correa has already had two better individual seasons in terms of value than the entire value Tatis has put up in his entire MLB career so far.
  12. Completely agree with you. Arizona bullpen just seems like a black hole all around.
  13. I really hope Cash just lets Castillo run with the closer role. He’s looked great two consecutive nights and is already hitting upper 90s with his sinker. Fairbanks is going to be a big time holds guy either way.
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