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  1. Uhh i just watched the replay of it and it looks like the ball was going forward to me so I’d be shocked if this was changed😢
  2. Uhhh you just game me a glimmer of hope with this. Lost by 1.9 points to advance to the ‘ship and my opponent had Mahomes!!
  3. Espn needs to rethink their undroppable list. Especially when it gets late in the season like this. I want to pick up a guy and Rus is literally the only drop I am comfortabe making without it backfiring but he is undroppable!!!
  4. He seemed to get off the field fine so hopefullyt just a cramp or tweaked his ankle a little bit. Will breathe a huge sigh of relief if he’s back in on the next drive.
  5. Please come back diontae!! Only need 4 more points to get in the ‘ship!!!
  6. 22 ppr from Diontae to advance to the ‘ship😬
  7. Giants are a bunch of idiots...down 17 with 12 min and running
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