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  1. He was still pretty old but it would have been a nice gesture to pay an all time panther great for what he had done.
  2. Carolina could desperately use him and he might have a shot at double digit TDs there.
  3. Just hope the NFLPA crushes Roger and co. in the latest case.
  4. I'd try the first two but would not do the third.
  5. Same story it's always been. Top-25 QB who will never be top-12. Not good enough to get a team a superbowl but not bad enough to find himself without a starting job. I think he plays a full year as the Chiefs QB this year then is shipped out to denver in 2018. Solid QB2 as always.
  6. I know rules are rules but this one is puzzling. JG hasn't failed a test in how many years as far as we know? Somehow daryl washington got in. Anyways, I think we can call it a career for josh gordon.
  7. Getting a better player at 14 than the Bengals got at 9. That's what we call a value. congrats.
  8. Don't like the tweener prototype. Prefer him at RB but he is not in McCaffrey's league.
  9. His value comes with the idea that he is pro ready, so yes. Also, similar to awful kelvin benjamin, he may get the volume to the point where it won't matter how inefficient he is.
  10. Newton is one of the best QBs in the league but he is not a check down machine. The line is also horrible. I tend to have mixed emotions about his landing spot.
  11. Idk if Smith's addition had anything to do with Bryant. They have been looking for recieving talent for years now. In an offense where it is up tempo bombs away, sometimes it is nice to have a solid rotation of recievers. This may indicate more 3/4 WR sets and the end of the disastrous Ladarius Green era. I'm sure this has nothing to do with the pick but Brown is aging and Ben only has a few years left, the steelers may be bracing for a rebuild a couple of years ahead of time. The Brownies are getting ready to reign in 3 years!
  12. Talent: Best RB in the class Situation: unknown offensive line, Gio Bernard may steal passing work I have Joe Mixon fighting McCaffrey for my top rookie RB spot. I think Mixon has RB1 potential right away and is a lock for goal line work, something I question with McCaffrey. When it comes down to it, it's a flip of the coin for me. Mixon just has a certain punch McCaffrey lacks.
  13. You draft AR15 with the mindset that it's going to be the chad henne show. Oof. Hard to get overly excited about.
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