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  1. Is is idiotic to think he has the highest upside in the minors? Obviously Franco is a better prospect and has the combination of the highest floor and a ridiculous ceiling but this kid has such a loud toolset.
  2. Anyone with AJ Brown thinking of pulling him due to the weather for someone like Damiere Byrd? I could see a scenario where Tannenhill doesn't throw more than 10 times tonight.
  3. Yeah you're not playing someone on a snap count in the semifinals.
  4. I don't see how you can start him now. He has already been pulled from two games with injuries and is clearly going into this one hurt. He has so much downside.
  5. With Ekeler back is he a buy low or a sell high?
  6. Imagine this guy with double digit targets weekly. Tyreek Hill meets Terrell Owens.
  7. No? He threw 52 times and had 300 yards against a good secondary.
  8. I wonder where to rank him this week? High end RB3 sounds about right but the landscape at RB is so bad. Gurley hasn't been very good and I could see Ito Smith mixing in some.
  9. Next week is a bust spot but he could be a rb1 for the playoff run.
  10. That’s fair I just feel like Metcalf has floor games without a touchdown whereas Allen doesn’t need them.
  11. There’s no way he doesn’t lose TE eligibility right?
  12. Metcalf over Allen? Compare the target share.
  13. The funny thing is going to be when he goes like 7-20 for 84 yards and 2 INTs before Winston comes in. This thread will be amazing.
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