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  1. If he doesn’t play who would the pickup be (outside of Bell)?
  2. Does anyone know if he can play on Monday?
  3. Smith has no idea what a football field looks like more the 12 yards away from him. He absolutely sucks.
  4. Alex Smith doesn’t even know that McLaurin is on the field. We need to get Haskins back in somehow.
  5. Why in the hell are they running fournette after such a hot start with RoJo and his last 3 great games? Ariens is so damned frustrating.
  6. At some point people need to realize that Allen is song handed lyrics crushing McLauren’s value. He was so much better with Haskins
  7. Maybe it’s me but he didn’t have a single point in the first half, did he? I’m not so sure he’s a set and forget. That offense was a dumpster fire yesterday.
  8. 6+ from Brees. Hopefully he can break the record and all will be right!
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