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  1. I had Godwin last year and there was a game vs. the Rams that he was a GTD with an injury and if he played the talk was decoy game. Most sat him that had safer options but after looking it up online, he had his best stats of the year posting 12/14/172 and 2 TD's in a 55-40 win so game script was a shootout as were most bucs games last year and was with Winston's who chucked it ever chance he had.
  2. I'm playing Hasty and Harris 😬 Yes, my RB situation is dire losing Barkley then Eckler then Mostert 🤕 fingers crossed the 49's can keep the game close???
  3. Agree, carry totals and yardages were similar but I heard on radio this morning that Moss had 6 redzone carries vs. Singletary's 1 carry. That redzone differential is pretty telling who they want near the goal line and makes Moss the more valuable RB going forward if the usage stays the same.
  4. And recently James Robinson UDFA killing it this year!! who would have known?
  5. Damn.. Tarik "The Human Joystick" Cohen 2.0 on that cut!! fingers crossed!!
  6. Curious to see how many posters here also have Mostert, like me? I'm running thin at RB after losing Barkley and now Mostert so I picked up Hasty after waivers to see what happens and like others have said, gonna be another lottery ticket but like the opportunity to shine with current RB makeup of 49's.
  7. Miller as your Flex #2 and Like Gesicki out of those 3 TE's. Less mouths to feed in Miami and he's been very consistent.
  8. Whoa? Who did you replace Lockett with off the waiver wire?
  9. I like Gurley. SNF vs. divisional rival and Seattle can be run on as evident by Vikes on MNF.
  10. 1. I like Robinson over Chark if Gabriel is out, which is trending that way. 2. I like Snell over Hunt is Connor is out. Gotta go with the volume even though Hunt has been darn good and is facing Bengals but Cards have been garbage on Def. 3 I'd flex Hunt
  11. Wentz and Guice as well if cook is playing. I can see MNF being a shootout for Wentz with both defenses being awful.
  12. I like Sanders if Howard is out, which it's looking like. MNF home game for Eagles vs. Div. rival Giants and awful defense on both sides. I can see this being a high scoring game and Sanders should be relevant.
  13. Been rolling with Lockett as my WR3 all season and obviously has trended down big time lately with injury/illness and could get coverage from Jalen Ramsey but possible shootout? Considering swapping out with Marvin Jones who has been surprisingly consistent with double 26, 12, 25, 9, 14 points in his last 5 games full point PPR with 2nd and 3rd string QB play and did drop 4 TD's on Vikes wk 7 but with Stafford. Lions should be chasing points this game and needing to air it out alot. I can still play both with one in my flex spot but I'm consider Austin Hooper in the Flex and benching Lockett
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