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  1. Maybe. this is just sad though. He was looking like he was going to be a really special player. Magic management is gonna get second guessed to death over playing him I'd imagine. Even without the ACL though id have had a really hard time pulling the trigger on him in the top 20 next season (if there is a next season!?). It just really seemed like staying on the court was going to be a big ongoing issue for him.
  2. Per game rankings has Jokic at 34 and Beal at 40 for standard format.
  3. The reason this guy got picked so high is because its hard to find a top pick after 5 who you can also expect 80 games from. So far he is playing every game. He finished 8th in overall value last year which justified the high pick. Despite his slow start he is still #21 in overall value. Who was getting picked in that range he was picked thats been so much better? Embiid only played 7 games and Kawhi is being load managed. Beal and Vuc havent been stellar either. Kyrie still bound to miss time Lebron and drummond have admittedly been great, but honestly not many people were grab
  4. I grabbed him to see what happens while Kanter is out. He only needs to work his way into like 22-24 minutes to be worth it. He is getting closer and will get a chance to show it this weekend. Mitch Robinson is a great comparison. They will produce very similar type stat profiles with similar minutes. One interesting difference though is the Williams has started developing into a decent passer out of the post. Nothing amazing, but not a complete black hole like Whiteside or MRob
  5. This guy is a bargain right now. At 20$ or round 4/5 he can miss 30 games and you will still break even. And even with his injury history, over the last 9 seasons he has only finished outside the top 25 in total value once (47 last year) and outside the top 10 3 times. In H2H i can see avoiding, but if you got.him at those prices in roto. Amazing.
  6. I grabbed him with a late round pick but the more i think about it the Memphis team that signed him isnt even close to the same team this year. I dont see their incentive to give him a ton of burn.
  7. I think Vuc will be first round value mathematically, but picking him there in snake is hard imo because because there are certain stat profiles that if you dont secure in your first 2 picks they dry up really fast. He isnt a 25 point scorer, he wont give you elite pg stats or elite blocks. Love the guy but hes a second a round pick for me.
  8. I like his outlook alot more with Zion in the lineup. The 2 of them look like they could be a really effective combo. Hopefully zion isnt out too long.
  9. I dont think it will be that much different. Most prices factors in 2 or 3 roster spots will go for a about a dollar. If you assume in your league only one spot on each team will got for a dollar then you are only talking about maybe 24 extra dollars in the entire pot. Its not going to alter much. Maybe a dollar here and there.
  10. I think not having one of those 5 forces you to gamble a little bit more on upside with the rest of your picks to make up the ground. It can be done, but you may have to pass on safer picks like Conley/LMA/Horford/Harris/Griffin/Derozen who probably arent going to beat their ADP by much. For younger guys you personally think could take a big next step this season Markkanen/Russell/Fox/Tatum/etc..and then hope they do.
  11. Kemba, Smart and Jaylen Brown are really the only regular rotation guards. Both Smart and Brown play the 3 as well. Im not saying he is going to see fantasy rosterable minutes, but I dont think he will spend any time in the G League. The bench scorer guard spot is already his if he can keep it.
  12. fair enough. Out of curiosity how high would you reach for Bryant? I ended up with the pair of them at 56 and 65, but I am 100% sure neither would not have fallen to their next pick in the league I drafted them.
  13. If the guy has shown he can deliver ~6th round value on 28 mins, saying the 7th round is a heavy overreach is unrealistic. Why would that not be his floor? Do you foresee some regression? You did come in saying you really liked him. Usually for high upside players you cant buy them at their floor (or below).
  14. Isaac finished the last half, 40 games of last season ranking 70th per game on only 28 mins per. Top-70 is a 6th round pick & ~15$ in auction. I dont understand how you can say you want him in every league but happily pass in the 7th. There is very little risk at that point. Speculating that he improves a little and gets 30 a night justifies at least a small reach for a 22 year old with significant upside.
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