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  1. Should I drop Porzingis and replace him for Dwight Howard in my IR spot? Porzingis is a long shot to come back this year but at least Dwight is decent shot to come back
  2. Agreed I would trade DJ since his value will likely go down after he's traded from clippers.
  3. I sold high earlier in the season on Simmons and got towns for him. If you can get an elite player somehow by trading Simmons/fillers, I'd do that
  4. Any hope Tyreke gets traded to favorable situation? Should I wait to say yes or no until the trade happens??
  5. With Parker coming back, I feel like there's too many mouths to feed in a offense that's below average anyway I guess I'm just hopeful that he'll get traded to a favorable team
  6. Traded bledsoe for him, I think it was worth the risk
  7. I'm assuming Jackson's value goes up after Blake Griffin trade? Pistons have no one in backcourt now besides ish smith
  8. What's this dude's value now with the Griffin trade, been getting consistent minutes
  9. Zuerlein gets more points than my frickin quarterback, I feel for those who lost him
  10. It's the championship game and I'm a 12 point underdog, I'm gonna take any advantage I can get
  11. Playing against Zuerlein in finals and picked up the best 6 kickers available on the wire to prevent him from getting a confident replacement. I now have 7 kickers on my team lmao
  12. Who should as I start as my flex?? Wallace vs. Colts Cole @ 49ers need the player with most upside since im the underdog in my championship game, please help me win my first fantasy championship!!!!
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