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  1. At his current pace he's going to cost me making the playoffs therefore it won't even matter 🤡
  2. drafting with winning the consolation ladder in mind is not a good strategy. of course that's just my OPINION
  3. yep and 3.5 ypc is unacceptable especially when you're not involved in the passing game
  4. When you're being drafted in the top 7, 8-10 point "floor" games equates to BUST
  5. top 5-8? please give me the 5-8 rb's that finish ahead of him...
  6. I'd love to be sadistic and tell you what a smart move that would be
  7. you just got jacobs in a trade, and you want to trade him for kenyan drake straight up?
  8. would love to know what you gave up to get them....
  9. oh haha my bad. Ya i'd probably do that trade to get edelman then
  10. If you're really in love with Shenault, then just roll with Robinson Mclaurin and Slayton for now. You'll have to play the waive wire at WR a little for the ROS but that's much better than playing the RB waiver wire
  11. Get Cole and/or Watkins. Drop Shenault You only have to start 2 WRs you should be OK week to week especially if you play the wire. I like edleman but i wouldn't get rid of mostert
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