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  1. Agreed, it seems Jackson is a fan of targeting the TE.
  2. Well my thought is WRs are easy to pickup, where RBs are thin and more valuable. Hm alright I might just drop the Ravens since they have Oak next week anyway.
  3. Im really interested in Smallwood or Foreman right now. Actually I have liked foreman since preseason haha
  4. So here's my problem. I don't want to drop Brandon Oliver if Melvin Gordon strains his injury. I know he was limited this week, but Brandon is a great gamble. The problem is it forces me to start the Ravens vs Steelers. Where I would rather have the Steelers defense(Available) in this match up . 1. Should I drop Brandon Oliver and pick up the Steelers Defense? 10 Team Standard League My Team = QB - Phillip Rivers WR1 - Keenan Allen WR2 - Jordy Nelson RB1 - Demarco Murray RB2 - Chris Carson Flex - Mark Ingram TE - Jason Witten Kicker
  5. haha nah I pray to the fantasy gods. Take it a step further ya know lol You guys really have me interested in Watson and Tyrod. Both look like fun players to watch.
  6. Alright so I watched highlights from the Bills v. Denver game and wow I am impressed with how well Tyrod moved around that Denver def! Also scoring predictions on Bills v. ATL has an O/U of 48.5! Alright, you guys convinced me... dropping Ben for Tyrod and crossing my fingers haha
  7. I agree, match ups all day! Especially Ben vs Jax next week. Also, I think Ben will feel a lot of pressure with his LG and RT in recovery mode. Alright so in terms of QB FAs available who do you roll with?: 1. Phillip Rivers << I think he will have a bounce back...every QB (including the beloved Brady) has a bad game. I mean Rivers played really well against Denver even. 2. Tyrod Taylor << I like the matchup against ATL 3. Jared Goff << Not sure here. 4. Alex Smith << This could actually be a smart play
  8. Well in this case I'd definitely go Ben, but with that said I think Ben will struggle. 1. Away 2. Ravens have good secondary 3. Ravens have been getting sacks 4. Bryant is sick 5. Ben's RT and LG are not in good shape.. this just spells trouble. I think it will be a game leaning on Bell in the short game with LB/S rushes to pressure Ben and try and get him to feed the secondary. WHIR:
  9. Ideally, I would like to have Rivers stashed and use Rivers when Ben plays away. I'm kind of high on Brandon Oliver right now with Gordon limited in practice today though
  10. Alright need some help... Ben Plays the Ravens away this week. My thought is Ben gets too much pressure + secondary coverage and they lean on Bell. My problem is next week Ben gets Jax at home! 1. If I drop Big Ben for Phillip Rivers do you think I can get him back? 2. Other thought if I drop tonight he's a waiver add, which I highly doubt someone would waste. 10 Team Standard League My Team = QB - Big Ben WR1 - Keenan Allen WR2 - Jordy Nelson RB1 - Demarco Murray RB2 - Chris Carson Flex - Mark Ingram TE - Jason Witten Kicker
  11. Alright I changed it slightly to Chris Carson + Mark Ingram for his Dez + Mixon. Lets see if he accepts, counters, rejects... 0-3 sometimes will try and shake things up
  12. That is tough! Hm let me think of the matchups.. ODB vs good secondary, BUT Grimes might be out..so keep an eye. Hill vs Norman..eh nah Diggs vs Slay/Quin nah! Cooks vs ok secondary So I'd bench hill or diggs. WHIR:
  13. Agree with the consensus on dropping Nelson, however... what does the rest of your team look like? Also who is your kicker now?? WHIR: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/671210-targeting-dez-bryant-trade-to-the-0-3-team/
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