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  1. This will be the same as last year. He's now second string. They can't be trotting him out for trick plays. Pick him up and hope Winston blows it
  2. Last minute waiver add and start. Happy with his opening salvo, and will enjoy it for one more week
  3. What a crap game as a Fulgham and Sanders owner. Can someone explain why Clement was in on the goal line?
  4. Why is anyone talking about the season being done for them? They're one game out right now. And Chicago is a facade so SF is very much in the thick of things
  5. Having to start him. Not feeling great about it. Someone make me feel great about it
  6. You trust that those writers at Yahoo or ESPN actually watch all the games and are paying attention? Because i definitely don't.
  7. I know. I'm saying let the man get fully healthy. Scott is good enough to beat Dallas. Or at least i think anyway 😂
  8. As dumb as it is, they're still in playoff contention. If he's day to day, let him be day to day for the next 17 days, get healthy, and make a run for the division
  9. Didn't return because there was a minute left and they were down three scores
  10. Does Ramsey even shadow. The only extensive Rams i watched was Monday vs the Bears, and he didn't follow Robinson around
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