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  1. Traded away - Kamara and Trequan Recieved - Beckham and David Johnson
  2. 1pt PPR. 12 teams. So my RBs are Crowell, Hyde, Ingram, J.White, Prosise. Some guys in my league just dropped J.Charles and AP. Also passed waivers was Ellington, Chris Thompson and Chris Carson. Should I add any of these guys and if so drop who
  3. 12 team PPR league. Drafted 5th QB- Rivers RB- Crowell Hyde WR- Beckham, Cooper, E.Sanders TE- Gronk Flex- Ingram QB- Eli Manning RB-James White, CJ Prosise WR- John Brown, Tyler Locket, Devin Funchess TE- OJ Howard
  4. Looks a little rough. I'm drafting from the 5 spot in my league and I think you could have done better than that. I'm not high on any RBs coming back in round 2. Think you should of went with like Cooks or Gronk then gambled in the 3rd on D.Cook or Hunt. Your RBs are questionable at best. Might be in for a long year
  5. Just found out if you roster Big Ben and Palmer you can work it to face these defenses 1- lions 2-colts 3-bears 4-49ers 5-jags 6-Tampa 7-bengals 8-lions 9-49ers 10-colts 11-titans 12-packets/jags 13-bengals 14-titans 15-redskins 16-Giants
  6. What's people's thoughts of drafting at the 5 spot now that ODB is hurt? You still taking him or going for the McCoy and AJ Green group? Leaning towards going a RB now since the injury as the RBs coming back in round 2 are meh.
  7. Drafting this coming weekend at the 5 spot. Before the Odell injury this was an easy pick. Either Julio or ODB. But now with the maybe high ankle sprain it's makes the pick a lot harder. Do I still take ODB as I think he is the last of the elite talent or go with one of McCoy and AJ group. Kinda leaning a RB since the RBs coming back around in round 2 are pretty meh. Just sounds crazy to pass on ODB? Anyone got an opinion or seen drafts on how the 5 spot went since ODB injury?
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