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  1. And here we are in September and he’s still putting out the same lukewarm production and taking days off to pitch and fart around. With the Angels already in the toilet I wouldn’t rule out more days off for him as well. Anyone else coming around yet to what I’ve been saying for months that he’s not a must own player?
  2. I disagree, but thats why these forums exist in the first place to discuss and bounce ideas around. I am absolutely not looking at the small sample size. Im gauging his whole season output. You are banking on him returning significant value in the small sample size left. Could it happen? sure but I’m not so confident.
  3. The whole pro rating thing might have held some water months ago. We are at the end of the season essentially and his counting stats mirror the likes of many low tier ww fodder. This is factual. Projections and hopes and dreams are just that. He is not reaching those idealistic numbers. Holding a guy all year (if you did) for replacement level low end production, I don’t think thats hard to beat at all. Many ww guys have emerged with great value one would have lost out on holding him just for his name. That’s not even taking the benching and positional eligibility deficiencies into considerati
  4. A lot of people struggle with perceived value vs actual value when it comes to fantasy. Many situational things tied to him chip away at his overall value. He’s an exciting player no doubt but that doesn’t always translate into fantasy success. These situational problems aren’t likely going anywhere. First off, he’s running much less this year. He also gets regular maintenance days off on top of his other inter league no DH games. His biggest downfall in my eyes is his lack of positional eligibility. Couple all these things with the fact that we are more than 3/4 through the year and his stat
  5. Unfortunately those few small weeks he gave you of good productivity still wouldn't have been worth holding him the entire year for, which was my initial and current argument. Thats essentially all he's done worth noting the entire year. So you can keep pretending like he's been anything more than a name value asset still at this very late juncture in the year. Much like many other low profile guys from the WW who get hot for a couple weeks and then are tossed aside. To my point he's not a must own.
  6. I mentioned awhile back this guy wasn't going to produce what people expected this year. I was met with skepticism and jokes. He is currently ranked behind worldbeaters like Eric Sogard. The counting stats aren't there and likely wont be until next year. Love his talent but this year he's just mostly name value and not even a must roster given his dumb Util only designation. The roster flexibility you lose with him mostly isn't worth his sexy name and middling stat line.
  7. When will Yahoo list him IL already?!?
  8. Wtf is going on in Cin and Iglesias. Can they trade him please?
  9. I don’t understand the bungling here. Just put him on the IL already and let him get right.
  10. Yea that’s great. He’s also being babied a bit and coming off a significant injury. The guy has ability sure (that’s undeniable) but the situational factors I mentioned in my other post above. This will likely depress a lot of that fantasy value you and others are expecting for THIS YEAR. The Angels also stink and are at the bottom of their division. If they fall out of contention I can envision a lot more rest days for a guy who they want to protect and is just a DH.
  11. I tend to read most sites but I don’t base my opinions on any one site/s really. He was pretty terrible up until recently, so the hate was justified to a degree. I tend to put a lot of stock in situational things. If he’s not running, gets regular DNP’s and is just a UTIL bat eligible I think his value is capped considerably for fantasy this year. I’m hoping LA loosens up a bit though and gives him the green light more and cuts the random rest day routine going forward. We shall see if this is a sign of things to come.
  12. After I dumped him I kept an eye on him after awhile I added him back since no one moved on him. I’m not totally still sold on him having the consistent impact and ROI most expect but it’s good to see him finally stringing some games together and stealing a base finally.
  13. 10 Ks in 4 innings, 4 BB and 4 runs (3 earned) given up tonight. Can you be any more Jekyll and Hyde? ...Been holding him but I don’t think the juice is probably worth the squeeze with this guy.
  14. I’m hoping he plays first enough to get the eligibility there as well. Either way I’m pumped, been stashing this dude for months.
  15. I dropped him last week. They don’t let him run anymore, he gets DNP’s and is still just a UTIL guy for fantasy. I don’t think he’s worth the headache this year to be honest.
  16. People still holding here? ...he’s been god awful. I also hate that he’s just a UTIL guy.
  17. Well he’s no Mr Excitement but he plays quite a bit and isn’t totally clueless with a bat. He went yard tonight which almost feels like stealing from such wretched position. In any event I’m happy to own him at this point because it could be a lot worse heh.
  18. This guy is a BEAST. For the love of god just keep the Mets medical staff away from him heh.
  19. Why worry about that now? ...even if he does get moved it won’t be for months or it could be to a positive situation as well. He might also just as easily stay put. He’s a guy who has some value and who costs virtually nothing for most. That’s a good return on investment given his typical production regardless of a possible change down the line.
  20. He’s a great 4 or 5 OF to roster. He cost most people absolutely nothing (I got him off the WW in a 12 team league) he hits cleanup in a better than expected offense and has 1b eligibility also. If he stays healthy you know he will hit 25+ bombs. If he can hit anywhere around 250 you take that all day.
  21. Can’t say I’m crazy about him sitting already but Thames is no world beater. I got him in the 7th round so as long as he at least gets me something like 25 bombs and 85 rbis I’ll be happy. 1B is a kind of shallow this year for the first time in forever. I liked him as one of the last few guys with upside and a big power profile at the position who you could still wait on in drafts.
  22. ESPN FBB is so trash. I begrudgingly play in a league on there every year. It seems to get more annoying every time. The new site redesign is atrocious/unusable and why is my guy Shai still only a freaking PG?
  23. I’m all on board the Donny, Marie and Cedi Osman experience. Dumped Collison for him a couple days ago. Who needs a point guard when he’s diming fools out everywhere heh. Let’s gooooo baby.
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