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  1. Does anyone (or any ATL fans) know Ito's potential for next season, dynasty purposes? I don't have any idea who this dude is. I guess there's a reason why he was 3rd on the depth chart? Though we've seen plenty of others in this situation learn the ropes and take over a backfield.
  2. Really like this discussion. Thanks everyone. I think they're good things to explore. Whether 6pt TDs or other adjustments in ppr. I'm always thinking of ways to change up our league in a fun and reasonable way while also adapting to the changing nature of the league. I like to try to make things as equal as possible, more to a mean. 6pt TDs still meant that a couple teams absolutely dominated the rest of the league in a way that was unbalanced, imo. We did 1 PPR and started to feel the same way, with possession receivers doing 10 for 60 type of thing. I feel like those scoring settings p
  3. Seattle's line is really, really bad. This doesn't affect whether you start him or not. But what Seattle wants to do on offense is more of a week to week, depending on the opponent type of thing. Think you'd still start Carson against the 85 Bears simply becauae you have to think Russ will get them in a goal line situation and Carson will have a plunge or two.
  4. Hyde's the (current) starting and top RB on a high scoring team with an MVP QB. He's a veteran and solid producer. It's a prime time game against another high scoring division opponent. You got Hyde for nothing. This is what late season fantasy football is all about. This is fun. Gotta start.
  5. Yea, I've been wondering this. Does Gibson have the juice? Is he a special talent? I just haven't seen any jaw dropping jukes, broken tackles, or that next level skill. He's done pretty well given the opportunity. It's just hard to tell with the state of the team and QB play.
  6. I can't help much with him or the Broncos. But there have been MANY TEs the last decade who were athletic freaks coming out of the draft. And for one reason or another they don't pan out. It's been an overhyped label, arguably the most, by draft nerds. Now the mix of Bronocs lol, Lock, not Lock, ankle, etc. could easily be hurting this athletic freak's potential. But expecting him to be special because he looks the part ain't no winning ticket.
  7. I scanned an Eagles article somewhere, beat prob. Just said that they see Fulgham and Alshon out wide with Reagor in slot.
  8. Very true. Def a tough call. But we still have to figure if he's playing he's playing. And that a goal line plunge or two is in order. Can't imagine we'd play a waiver or Flex over him.
  9. Gotta start your studs. Just this season alone Carson was iffy for week 4 vs Cards. The Dallas lineman twisted his knee in a pile and it looked bad. He was Q all week and I think a GTD. He was definitely on some people's benches. Well he scored 2 TDs and ~25 pts.
  10. Alshon for familiarity and RZ targets? Reagor for more dynamism, deep threat and specific plays called for him?
  11. He's SO fast. He's electric. He should be a YAC machine. They seem to target him on lots of slot, crossing routes. The reality is they also have Juju and Claypool. Claypool is looking like a beast.
  12. I think I can live with him blowing up on my bench more than starting and getting 0-10 points
  13. Pollard has definitely had much more zip and burst through the line all season long. Still not many opps or running room, regardless. It could be beneficial to hold and see what transpires after what should be an interesting game and next few days. Will Zeke show ANY signs of life? Will he quit midgame? Will they 50/50 split to get Pollard more run? Will Pollard outperform Zeke in a real way? If you can afford to hold, I think it's still smart to.
  14. All systems go? Or any worry about the ankle? Haven't seen any updates in regards to his health, mobility, usage.
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