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  1. 12-team, PPR, (4) keepers 'ship lineup this week was: Brady DHop (K) Ridley (K) Higgins Dalvin (K) Jacobs (K) Logan Thomas Jeff Wilson Agholor Flex spots have been a turnstile all year cuz of injuries but the core has been pretty solid, despite DHop and Jacobs almost costing me the title this week. And unless Allen drops 60 on me tomorrow, should be looking at a 2nd title in auction league with: Kyler DAdams Metcalf Woods Jeff Wilson Gio Logan Thomas Higgins AB (Lost Barkley, Akers and CEH to injuries or my RBs would have actually been go
  2. May end up losing my week because of that Gallup gimme. What a terrible TD drop..
  3. Someone had to start it... https://www.phillyvoice.com/eagles-wide-receiver-travis-fulgham-stats-analysis-steelers-highlights-fantasy-football/ Could do worse with all the injuries to Eagle WRs.
  4. Not anymore. Had to drop several guys to fill out a team this week. Sure, it’s my fault but still bad luck these two teams face each other during covid PPD. PS- this is a vent thread, not assistant coach thread, but thanks for pointing out the obvious. 😜
  5. I'm in a deep league and my roster has... Henry Conner Jonnu Ebron A.J. Brown Corey Davis Tannehill Steelers D/ST Gostkowski Perfect week for covid taking out more than half of my roster! Can't even get mad at the bad luck..
  6. Nothing like having a guy with a 1-5 record and 6.14 ERA who had yet to complete 7 IP in any start toss a shutout against you in the fantasy playoffs. Can't get much luckier if you're the other manager. smdh at Gibson and this bs..
  7. Another rider on the ‘Conner Screwed Me’ bus. Henry ended up plodding his way to a 1-pt victory for my opponent but basically anything out of Conner would have prevented that. Never trusting this bum again..
  8. Posted this earlier in the GTD, but here ya go.. This aged very well.
  9. Connor still hasn't touched the ball yet where there hasn't been any G-men in the backfield. This O-Line is woooof so far..
  10. Gotta love it when a guy has the two worst starts of his career as soon as the fantasy playoffs begin. Thanks, Gallen!
  11. Gonna be even more of a headache for both Andujar and Frazier once Judge and Stanton are back. The former should at least be playing 3B until Urshela is back. Pretty ridiculous that Estrada and Wade are still getting starts, but I guess better defense at 3B is a priority over Miguel's bat at this point. Only way to explain liking DJ there more and putting out very weak options at 2B.
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