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  1. I'd drop John Brown for a defense. I'd definitely hold tight on Moncrief until what we know we're going to get out of Luck. You'd be kicking yourself if he got healthy and back to original form and you didn't have Moncrief. You can definitely afford it with your depth. Looks like a good squad, thanks for the help on mine.
  2. ESPN Standard 10-Team League. Cooks owner here. Is anyone buying into the Hogan hype with Edelman out? I'm wondering if I should make any preseason moves to lock down the Pats passing game. Bench: Tyrek Hill, Joe Mixon, Tyrod Taylor, Eric Ebron, Corey Coleman. Any worth dropping for Hogan, or should I stay put? Thanks. WHIR, leave links.
  3. Hey what's up? Been enjoying your fantasy football posts. Who's your favorite NFL team? Big Packers fan myself, but a fan of the game as a whole. Hit me back! Trying to meet a few people around the site.

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