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  1. Yea I'll take this over his usual slow start lol.
  2. He had 4 fouls in the start of the 3rd quarter and came back in middle of 4th should've had a bigger game.
  3. I agree that Perkins was signed for depth since they just dropped CJ. But I think they were confident in Ty Johnson to move into CJ's role. Perkins is basically taking Ty's role from week 1,2. The upside is getting a bigger role ROS and Kerryon going down with injury. Its a free pick up and people are just having fun.
  4. The pick up setting thing depends on how your commish set it up
  5. Prob not being talked about as much as the waiver folks because he's already owned in most leagues.. but yea expected more buzz for sure after AB left and he put up a great week 1 game.
  6. He started off being involved in the first drive of the game, scoring a TD. The Chargers were sorta blowing them out by half time and the whole offense played conservatively and they could not sustain any drives. Even Melvin Gordon who started off hot did basically nothing in the 2nd half. Hope it was the game script that kept him not involved in the game and he gets more targets/looks.
  7. Seranthony might get another 2 inning save tonight
  8. Boxberger had 91mph fast balls yesterday, even hitting up to 93,94 couple times. Unless I'm trippin'
  9. His problem is chasing pitches out of the zone. So far walking at a lesser rate compared to last year. Fly balls aren't the problem as his fly balls turn into HR easily
  10. When he first came up it was all about his delivery being deceptive. That article is from 2014, he came up 2 years before that. Either way this is Lucchesi thread, sorry for the off topic.
  11. Cingrani when he first came up was all about deception. All he threw were fast balls
  12. At this point its gonna be kinda random who gets to play, until either Chandler or Monroe gets traded. The coach did say something positive the other day about wanting to play Len more so there's that. Lets just hope he plays a consecutive game tomorrow.
  13. Wow some low ball trades and people want to accept those ... His perceived value is that low? wtf
  14. He basically played 7 minutes in 2nd quarter so far.. but did miss all 4 free throws
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