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  1. i wanna unload Aaron Jones for a WR who should i target? my other RBs are Jacobs, Robinson, Gibson, Gaskins, Jackson, Kelley
  2. I wouldn’t do either trade. I think if you can just wait a couple more weeks you will be getting CMC back and your team will be much better. I would wait until then to look into any trades. thank for mine
  3. I am an Ekeler/Kelley own and I am scared of his 2 fumbles. I didn't watch either game so I can't say whether they were bad or not. I would go with Gibson. best chance at a TD HELP?
  4. I think it is a bit too much. Just because Thielen has been kinda inconsistent this year. If you think he can produce like week 1 and 4 every week I would do it but I am not confident in that. help?
  5. yes. I would hol jackson and johnson until Ekeler and Chubb get back. And Harris because he looked good Monday he just forgot to score a TD. help?
  6. 10 team full ppr keeper league DEEP benches my team qb - Lamar rb - Ekeler, Jacobs, Robinson, Gaskins, Bell(IR), Montgomery, Kelley, Gibson, Akers, Moss, Dobins wr - Thomas, Chark, Metcalf, Higgins, Patrick, Ruggs, Reagor (IR) te - Jonnu, Fant His Team - qb - Ryan, Burrow rb - Jones, CEH, Sanders, Swift, Mattison wr - Robinson, Cooper, D. Johnson, Evans, Golladay, Hilton, Perriman, Shenault, MVS, Isabella, Lazard (IR) te - Herndon He offered me his - Burrow, Isabella, A Jones for My - Lamar, Fant, Montgomery a
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