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  1. I'd roll with Westbrook since chark is out. Thanks for help with mine
  2. Tough one, but I think you should roll with Laird. Thanks for help on mine.
  3. 0.5 ppr league. Who would you roll with? Thanks.
  4. Damn. I'm crying over here a little bit. Good night, sweet prince.
  5. I agree. Chubb is a no brainer.. For the other 2 picks, i'd lean Goff and probably OJ. thanks for the help on mine.
  6. Keep Lindsay over Watson, that'll give you 1 elite RB and 2 very solid rb's. Take 5th pick and draft Nuk, thanks for the help on mine.
  7. So here what some of the top players went for last year. If a player looks cheap, that's because he's been a keeper for awhile. We can keep players for 3 years. (K) denotes keeper from previous years WR Michael Thomas- $71 Kennan Allen- $82 Julio- $93 Brown $100 O'dell $92 Davante $69 AJ $56 Hopkins $38 (k) RB CMC- $76 Gurley $45 (K) Saquon $84 Cook $47 (K) Kamara $86 David johnson $76 (K) Devonte Freeman $59 Bell $71 (K) Zeke $71 (K) thanks!
  8. Julio, Mack and Jones is who I would keep.. help with mine? thanks
  9. gotta roll with Kittle on this one.. help with mine? thanks
  10. Definitely Watson.. I'd roll with Williams as well.. Help with mine?
  11. 0.5 PPR 10 team auction league.. 300 budget. I can keep 2 players.. Here are my choices.. Cmac(Definitely a keeper) paid $76 Ertz would cost me $13 Devante Adams @ $69 Joe Mixon @ $46 Kerryon Johnson @ $10. Thanks for the help, leave a link and i'll chime in on your question.
  12. FML horrible year for me. I lost Rodgers, Wetnz and now The Leg.
  13. I'm debating this myself.... Every indicator seems to be that he'll have a lackluster game, but the potential is there for him to blow up..... BTW, I'm benching him for Dede and Flash.
  14. Sit Freeman. Help with mine. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/688655-lineup-advice-whir/
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