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  1. Interested but really dislike payout and weight on goalies
  2. I am interested dustinw100@gmail.com
  3. nonsense advice. some teams will be in a situation of playing a Gallup type and then Jax RB situation becomes very relevant. last 3 weeks: Ogunbowale has 46 snaps and Ozigbo has 9. beat writer thinks Ogunbowale will start...if you pick one it should be him
  4. I'm sorry what? Jimmy G is the furthest thing from an easy cut seeing as they go from literally Super Bowl contenders with him to sub .500 mediocrity without him
  5. It will not be a slow auction, it will be live and take 3-4 hours
  6. -20 teams, pay 2 years entry fee ($52 each) to begin** **if you really don't want to pay but instead would play for fun still message me and we can talk --Payouts will be very gradual from $200 to league winner down to $20 in 9th place and $80 to In Season Cup winner down to $20 for Cup 4th place finisher so as to inspire competition all season. Eventually we will have divisions based on past history for promotion/relegation bragging rights, which has worked amazingly well in other leagues I've run. --H2H categories: G*, A*, SOG, Blocks, Takeaways, Hits, Corsi...doubleheaders at
  7. we are planning on an entry fee of $52 per year, not all details are set in stone. are you interested?
  8. a quick look at a tool I've developed to help players research for the auction. We've got 6 owners, possibly 7 so jump in if you want!
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