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  1. Interested but really dislike payout and weight on goalies
  2. I am interested dustinw100@gmail.com
  3. nonsense advice. some teams will be in a situation of playing a Gallup type and then Jax RB situation becomes very relevant. last 3 weeks: Ogunbowale has 46 snaps and Ozigbo has 9. beat writer thinks Ogunbowale will start...if you pick one it should be him
  4. I'm sorry what? Jimmy G is the furthest thing from an easy cut seeing as they go from literally Super Bowl contenders with him to sub .500 mediocrity without him
  5. It will not be a slow auction, it will be live and take 3-4 hours
  6. -20 teams, pay 2 years entry fee ($52 each) to begin** **if you really don't want to pay but instead would play for fun still message me and we can talk --Payouts will be very gradual from $200 to league winner down to $20 in 9th place and $80 to In Season Cup winner down to $20 for Cup 4th place finisher so as to inspire competition all season. Eventually we will have divisions based on past history for promotion/relegation bragging rights, which has worked amazingly well in other leagues I've run. --H2H categories: G*, A*, SOG, Blocks, Takeaways, Hits, Corsi...doubleheaders at
  7. we are planning on an entry fee of $52 per year, not all details are set in stone. are you interested?
  8. a quick look at a tool I've developed to help players research for the auction. We've got 6 owners, possibly 7 so jump in if you want!
  9. here is how the fantasy scoring matches up against NHL Network's Top 20 players list for defenders
  10. I've dabbled in hockey DFS over the years but have never gone full-season and I want to dive in this year. I've had success in creating a soccer fantasy, category-based league that personally I think is brilliant and a ton of fun and want to bring that to hockey. The key is of course finding owners who will dive in as well and I want to hear from you guys good ideas, bad ideas and if you are interested.My ideas: --Category based league. Each matchup there are 10 wins up for grabs: 2 for goals, 2 for assists, then 1 each for hits, blocks, shots on goal, CORSI, takeaways and shutouts (for
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