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  1. Yea I don't think in the case of D Wash he could have been something. I've seen nothing to indicate that. If you watched today's game, every single run, the second he was contacted he was down. There simply is nothing there.
  2. Assign a certain probability that he sees 15-20 touches a game when healthy, given how bad Riddick is doing. Might be < 50% but certainly not much less. I don't buy that the Lions will stick to Riddick if he continues to average <3 ypc. Given he gets some targets and significant goal line opportunities, that gives a good chance to put him squarely in RB2 consideration. I trust the NFL scout, draft, training camp, player evaluation system enough to think he can be an effective back in the league. Not saying you're wrong, just that his college performance concerns me less now
  3. I don't disagree with you at all. It is completely 100% blind faith, but opportunity is the key word here. All I'm looking for are guys that have a realistic expectation to touch the ball 15-20 times a game when they play, because I like to play a low risk strategy. Every one of these guys with a real potential for this opportunity should be owned, and by pure statistical chance I will start some of them over the course of the year. I'm less concerned with his college output because I trust the system that got him to the NFL as a #2 RB is not completely off target here, even if it
  4. (Standard league) I'm holding him and every RB with potential for to be a starter and carry the workload. I'd much rather be in a position to roll 3 starting RBs in a given week than try to guess who my 3rd best WR is...who the heck knows week to week.
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