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  1. Yes I think getting the upgrade with Cook would be good especially since you already have Mattison. Thanks for the help with mine!
  2. What you're thinking of offering is fair value but with Cleveland offense centered around running with Chubb I would trade Carson/Gage for Godwin/Waller if possible... help with mine?
  3. I think you could've got more especially since you threw in Moss.
  4. I would go Davis and Lavishka as well since with Washingtons D-line able to get pressure I think it'll be a Chubb & Hunt day not much for Landry. Thanks for help with mine!
  5. 14 Team PPR should I keep Gaskin as my RB4 or trade for Leveon Bell? Since owner of Bell started 0-2 and doesn't think Bell will produce. Will the Jets even bother going back to Bell?
  6. Which one should I take? Or is there a better combo of players to Look for?
  7. Yea the upside of embid is worth it
  8. 10 team H2H and tired of waiting for him to play again and worried he may get shut down ros. Was offered John Collins & Tobias Harris or Shai & Randle. Neither blew me away. Looking for some suggestions on who to target for fair value or if I should just keep him? Let me know thanks!!
  9. I'd go with Gin http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/667338-need-advice-on-big-trade/
  10. While I would lose Depth at RB by giving up Ajayi and Wideout, I'd have A.Brown and still have Hurns or Corey Coleman to fill in if something happened to Mike Thomas or A.Brown...
  11. I would probably pick up some deep deep sleepers haha since not much out there in a 14 team league
  12. I like Palmer this week vs a soft Colts D and Golladay. Help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/667338-need-advice-on-big-trade/
  13. It's PPR and would have left at Wideout Mike Thomas, Garçon, and Hurns if I decide to give up kelvin Benjamin and Rishard Matthews in the trade
  14. Should I pull trigger on trade for Antonio Brown? I would give up Jay Ajayi, Kelvin Benjamin, and Rishard Matthews. Leaves me with Hunt, Hyde and Abdullah at RB. What do you guys think? Will offer my opinion on yours in return...Thanks!
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