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  1. Keep hogan. Higher ceiling in my opinion and your already pretty good at WR
  2. Stand pat dude. Your WR have very good depth. Assuming jordy is healthy
  3. I think you should consider shopping one of them for a better qb or even te. Watkins at 3 is not even that bad
  4. Standard scoring im the fournette side he's my flex with Leveon bell and zeke Elliot at rb1&2 my WR are Alshon Jeffrey and demariyus Thomas. im thinking of buying low in Odell and think his owner will take it. Should i I do this trade??
  5. Im even less happy about 124 total yard and only one touchdown. He's riding the pine next week
  6. 4pt pass td I own Eli manning who will likely not have Odell tonight. I can make room on my bench to add tyrod vs jets or bradford vs saints who should i start??
  7. Huge TD potential on the gronk lynch side. Olsen side is definetly the much safer option though
  8. Are the redskins the New York Mets medical staff of football? Just make him ride the pine until he's at least somewhat healthy for once. Such discouraging news for us owners first week of the season smfh
  9. Jordan Reed has a fractured big toe will play but limited. Play it safe and start Eifert instead? No ppr
  10. Thanks I helped in your thread. This is just for a one week filler
  11. I would do the trade. Keep in mind Keenan is an injury risk
  12. Who should I starts for week 1 ? 4point pass td i own Jamies Winston who won't play and Philip Rivers in Denver I can add Bradford against NO or Wentz against Washington. who should I add?
  13. Took him over Reed or Kelce. Maybe not as flashy as them but he's so consistent.
  14. For a team that rarely signs free agents, they didn't bring this guy in for no reason. With who's throwing to him I'm a lot more confident drafting him then an eifert or walker
  15. I have to choose between the 2 for saves. Points Leauge . Who should I choose?
  16. Quietly going to have his best season.
  17. So chances of Reed getting traded seem to be high correct? What about Justin Wilson? Would love to see him go to the Nats
  18. I would gladly take either. i do think washingtons number one priority is addressing bullpen though
  19. Lots of negativity and frustration from owners and rightfully so, let's move forward and hope he can light it up the rest of the way for us. I've owned this guy the last 2 years I'm not giving up on him just yet.
  20. Ideal destination for us owners must be hoston or Dodgers. I'm wondering what his realistic destination will be though. Anywhere has to be better then the Giants at this point
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