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  1. The Jags haven't shown anything special for weeks now on D, and played one offensive game worth talking about. This game is going to be a bloodbath.
  2. Wide receivers are terrible. I don't think I've ever seen as many passes bounce off of a pro's chest as I have the last few weeks watching Titans games.
  3. What do ya know? Henry doesn't get hit by multiple guys in the backfield, he produces. Told ya so.
  4. You didn't even watch the game. Your hate for Henry is just ridiculous. It's clear you're posting just to exercise your fingers
  5. Any of you criticizing him for today's performance actually watch the game? That Titan offense is TERRIBLE. They can't block anyone and have no creativity. On the off chance that Henry didn't get grabbed in the backfield, he was carrying people and stiff arming all day. With a new guy calling the plays, he'll be money. No doubt.
  6. My league plays week 17, but our Super Bowl is week 16. 17 people are just playing for one last shot at the weekly high score pot. I've found that it's a good way to keep all teams engaged throughout the year. You can still win money weekly, even if your team sucks.
  7. Maaaaaaaaaaaaan... we have a new playoff format in my main league because of this. Almost every season, a team that got into the playoffs based off of points scored took out the team with the top record lol. Now, we have a free for all round 1. Top 4 scores overall advance. I won my league this year, but if we had traditional playoffs, I would've lost by about 7 points to the worst team that made the playoffs, and I scored more than every one else that week, too. The only time I've ever felt like "okay, no way in hell I'm losing" was in 2011. Hit on almost every single pick. Drafted Mat
  8. Ummm... did Gronk play in the Super Bowl? Anyway, back on track. Gurley HAS to regress next season, right? Meaning he'll get drafted as the 1st or 2nd back, but perform like the 5th-8th?
  9. If it's the Blount that scored 18 touchdowns or jumps over people, that's not a bad thing.
  10. They won 7 less games than they did with Brady the year before... stop.
  11. This isn't new :). And please, Julio doesn't belong with those other names.
  12. Yes, because succeeding is winning meaningless regular season games and missing out on the playoffs lol... but I agree that Gurley should be MVP. I'm not sure why Brady's name is even mentioned, and that's as a huge Pats fan. He hasn't done anything special this season IMO. Gurley, Wentz, Wilson, and a few others should have their names mentioned in the running.
  13. Made it through losing both Aaron Rodgers and Carson Wentz while being carried through Zeke's suspension by Nuk and Keenan Allen, with some help from Melvin Gordon along the way. I'm buying a new TV!!
  14. Hopkins round 4, keenan allen round 5, Chris Hogan round 13 (was money when healthy). Ended up winning my championship.
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