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  1. And even more of the hate was from Suns fans. For the first 20 or so games he really was an empty stats guy (not that that matters in fantasy). He had major red flags where he'd mentally check out of the game at times and literally didn't even attempt to help on defense or contest shots. He's made major strides in both of those areas. His energy and focus is pretty consistent now. He still gets lost on defense at times, but he's gone from being a horrific help defender to above average when he's in tune. People stopped bashing him because he's playing an all around game now without
  2. It's a shame because the Suns finally started to gel once Melton became the starter, even without Booker. He only had 21 minutes tonight despite playing well (Crawford will always cut into his minutes), and I don't see that improving now with Rivers. Oubre won't affect Melton, he'll likely get Ariza's minutes. If anyone takes a hit at SF it'll be Josh Jackson. Best case scenario is the coach quickly realizes that Rivers sucks and is on an expiring contract, and benches him so Melton can get ~28 minutes a game.
  3. He routinely outplays Ayton, but because of the hype/investment given to Ayton he won't get the starter position or minutes. Even in his "bad" statistical games, Holmes has a positive impact on the team with his energy and hustle. In the one game he got to start it was clear that they missed the adrenaline boost off the bench. That's not a shot at Ayton who is good, but young and still learning. Holmes is just a beast of a backup.
  4. Offensively he's a finesse big like a younger, less refined Aldridge. Defensively he's like Bargnani- decent man defender that is forced to play center because of his size, but has no understanding of help defense/rim protection.
  5. It's because he absolutely bombs the eye test. He needs to be force fed for most of his offense, and on defense he concedes everything within 5 feet of the basket and has no help awareness/effort. Pretty stark contrast from fantasy and real life impact.
  6. Dude puts up monster numbers whenever he stays out of foul trouble
  7. In terms of real life impact, his backup Holmes makes the team better than Sheandre. Contest some shots for a change, big man
  8. Black Kanter played like an absolute vagina tonight. Got clowned on defense and rebounding constantly, they left him wide open all night to take the long jumper and he was more than happy to settle (and miss). Pretty empty stats.
  9. What do you expect, the last 42 minutes of Suns games are typically garbage time.
  10. He signed an extension for next year already, no way he retires after the season he put up with garbage QBs. Out performs Dez every year, gets picked 3 rounds later every year.
  11. Probably juicing up for the playoff push
  12. Jake Lamb and Charlie Blackmon leading the majors in RBI, as expected
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