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  1. Stolen from reddit: in my ESPN 12-team full PPR league, Leg Zuerlien's is averaging 14.3 points per game That's better than the #11 RB, the #11 WR, the #3 TE, and the #24 QB. On pace to break (annihilate) Tomlinson's NFL single-season record of 186 points. His rank is even more impressive in Standard scoring with 131 points: RB #5, WR #1, TE #1, QB #18
  2. Currently holding 2 kickers since my opponent team is very good FML, hopefully the Leg will see my sacrifices and it will not have been in vain
  3. Clay didn't practice yesterday and all signs point to him not playing this week, is O'leary worth a play?
  4. Yes Mike Zimmer said in an interview that he plans on having his team sleep on the way there and practice early in the morning to ease the jetlag effect, not sure if that is today or tomorrow.
  5. About to drop him too, if he can't score against the worse defense in the league is there any hope left? He has the weapons (Sanu,hooper, JULIO) but the team is straight garbage, going to drop this week as well, don't see anyone burning a waiver for him with the likes of Winston and Tyrod still available in my league.
  6. Choo choo full practice all week hype train leaving the station
  7. Rolling with Dion this week, really thin at RB position, his snap count has been increasing every week, I think he will be taking over Gillislee's job since he does everything he does but better.
  8. Same position but currently on bye week hell and holding on to him just to get the same production as another streamer is not ideal.
  9. Dropped Denver for them which have been terrible (for fantasy purposes) all year, no ragrets!
  10. Mike evans is beast, top WR in the league, ignore any other dumb comments in this thread, set and forget.
  11. Only one point behind Matt Ryan this year, Im sure he is outscoring a lot of hyped up players
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