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  1. Day to day means absolutely nothing. ZT said Mixon was day to day the day after he got injured which was now what, over 4 weeks ago?
  2. This extended absence makes one wonder how much worse his injury got as a result of putting him back out there the game he got hurt.
  3. Reading that if he goes back on IR his season is over, per NFL rules. FYI
  4. Why is it that both CMC injuries initially seemed minor and ended up being way more serious? Lol... give me a break
  5. Seems like a pointless update really... did we expect him to practice today?
  6. Fine with that, just worried that it’s a significant injury vs a week or a few weeks even
  7. Anyone listen to Matt Rhule yesterday? Good news: he said day to day. Bad news: some weird/ominous wording with “he won’t share anything specific out of respect for Christian”
  8. It’s a 2 flex 7 bench spot league, deeper the rosters the more trades like this that happen
  9. Yes I would do this. Disagreed with above that fulgham won’t have value, he definitely will, but ARob is a solid piece
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