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  1. With Fitz at QB ...I Love Terry and Samuel. Expect elevated fantasy numbers this year
  2. Mixon is a underperformer or has been hurt his whole career. Hes one of those backs that you thought you drafted at good value but then is as unreliable or inefficient as a gas guzzlin 60's ford with squared wheels.
  3. Hes been hurt like his whole career.
  4. They say your "Innocent until Proven Guilty" If this is really the case....Can someone explain to me why people are in jail waiting for a trial? Its more like your guilty until proven innocent.
  5. And they all now come out the woodwork....... What is it with females always waiting until one female speaks up for them all to finally speak up so that they can cash in too?
  6. Doubt it. Edelman aint gon be healthy till like the middle of the season from what ive heard.
  7. Pretty sure both made a pro bowl at some point?
  8. Yea..i agree. makes no sense bringing any RB in anyways.... Harris is better and less injury prone than Carson
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