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  1. I think Superbowl quarterbacks should def ask for atleast 10M but i agree .....just take what you can to stay in the league!!
  2. Im pissed if im Colin Keapernick right now.... Kap had it all wrong...he should tweet that he has converted to WR and hope he gets a call from a team to try him out?
  3. Welp.... I was looking at the Jaguars Depth Chart at TE and I dont think it will be super hard for Tebow to be their TE1. I wouldnt be suprised at all actually...
  4. Well, you def need WR help! You need a stud WR. If its me...im picking Chase over trading for DK! I LOVE Chase with Burrow as his qb. DK is proven but I think Chase has a much much higher ceiling IMO.
  5. Robinson was dropped in one of my Dynasty leagues. Wha?
  6. Higgins is def the best value. Higgins>Boyd for sure. My point in that Higgins, Chase and Boyd are all excellent PPR WR's as long as Burrow is at QB. They throw like 756754678 times a game..well, atleast last year they threw alot and feel they will again next year. Boyd is still going to get run
  7. Boyd still.has wr2 floor with wr1 upside even with Higgins and Chase....as long as BURROW is starting they are all monstars..!
  8. Turns out I didnt get Chase or Etienne but rather Harris fell on my lap at #2. Chase went #1.
  9. Stud...nobody know yet though.
  10. lol ok so 1 says Chase and the other says Travis. i need the tiebreaker
  11. Soooo I have the second pick in my 12 team Dynasty rookie\free agent draft. This is a full PPR league. Who shoukd I pick between these 3 players? I already assume Najee Harris will go 1st....Im pretty balanced at wr and rb so i can go with best available........ Travis Ettienne Jamar Chase or Kyle Pitts?
  12. 3 Down Workhorse! Robinson will be a awesome backup though. You dont draft 3rd down backs in the 1st round! Workhorse!
  13. Maybe Robinson should demand a trade or threaten to retire.
  14. Im getting Peyton Manning vibes from Jones
  15. My guess...Pats pass on Mac Jones. Go O line
  16. Wilson looks like a winner. I cant lie
  17. Zach Wilson...another hopeful High pick draft propect for the Jets....gotta hit on atleast one right?
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