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  1. Won both my leagues getting 2nd place and bye. 10 teamer Starters: Brady, Jefferson, Evans, Gordon, Dobbins, Goedert, Godwin, Koo, Chicago BN: JRob, Amari, Cooks, Mayfield, McCaffrey, Cardinals Big surprise here as I didn't have McCaffrey all year. 12 teamer Starters: Rodgers, Hopkins, Evans, Kamara, Dobbins, Andrews, Hunt, Koo, Chicago BN: Henderson, Williams, Gaskin, Hurts, Fant
  2. Anyone else buying shares of Bell? I'm in talks for a potential trade but I'm wondering if he'll get more touches. If CEH were to ever go down he would be a league winner imho..
  3. Should I trade Melvin Gordon and Chris Godwin for Davante Adams? Or am I giving up too much? My team currently looks like this: Cam Newton, Tom Brady, Mike Evans, Amari Cooper, Marquise Brown, Chris Godwin, Justin Jeffrerson, Melvin Gordon, James Robinson, David Montgomery, Darrelle Henderson, Christian McCaffrey, Mo Alie-Cox WHIR WHIR WHIR Thanks in advanced!
  4. The o-line still needs time to gel. Devonta will be a RB2 by midway point of this season.
  5. I would go Big Ben. Watson is gonna struggle against that stout D
  6. Week 2 Brady vs. CAR or Cam vs. SEA? Kind of feel like Cam is gonna need to go off in order to keep up with Russ, but also this might be an Angry Brady game. WHIR! Thanks in advance
  7. I would go Murray or Sanders. Murray > Sanders. I think Murray has the best chance to score a TD.
  8. I'm starting to think the Eagles will blow out the redskins and Howard/Sanders one or both will eat.
  9. Reportedly will get 15-20 touches on Sunday. I could see that going to 20-25 with Anderson limited and shadowed by Tre'davious White. He might be the focal point of the offense playing a bad Bills team. Bell cow status confirmed.
  10. My apprehension against drafting AB at that position has everything to do with lack of faith in the Raiders organization and Derek Carr and absolutely nothing to do with AB's talent. He's undoubtedly a steal at that spot but I owned Amari Cooper last year and Carr was just absolutely awful at getting him the ball before they traded him. There were games where Amari Cooper just completely disappeared and people were bashing Cooper to no end saying that he sucked and couldn't get separation or run routes. In reality, Carr was just missing him on most of his wide open routes (I found game tape
  11. Eagles are really looking like the top team in the NFC East this year. That is, unless Danny Dimes Jones does something about that! 🤣
  12. Well, it's pretty obvious AB's antics have carried over from Pittsburgh. If you'd like more background on that, the following is a long but interesting read: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2852344-how-the-steelers-big-three-became-just-big-ben Besides that, he threatened to punch the GM in the face. That's essentially your bosses (Gruden) boss. There's gonna be a divide in the Raiders organization this year if AB stays. Also, some big red flags for me were how Gruden traded Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper last year. He also chose to stick with Carr, which even tho he might
  13. I'm excited about this kid. He does remind a lot like Miles Austin. I see both JJ and Miles Sanders becoming major contributors to the Eagles this season. Alshon simply is just not that great imo. The bigger question is what's his nickname gonna be...?
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