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  1. Donte was added and dropped so many times in my 12 man H2H league last year. I like him but I expect the same this year. More of a Roto guy until something with his situation changes. I'd take Bazley over him in a heartbeat due to his upside. Upside seems capped for Donte as of right now IMO.
  2. Easily my favorite rook this year based on draft position and it's not close. Passes the eye test big time. Looks like he can do a bit of everything points, rebounds, assists, 3's, stocks. Coaches love him, players love playing with him. I'm not saying he takes anyone's job, but I don't think he needs to in order to stay rosterable. Looks like he could play great next to Fox or Buddy on ball or off.. Could be a later season home run once the game slows down for him and/or if Kings aren't in the mix. Could happen sooner than later. Going to do my best to hold through the inevitable rookie strug
  3. He's having quite the preseason. Good stocks and some playmaking as a rook, just couldn't hit shots. I know it's crowded, but I'm taking a flier.
  4. Yeah, I don't necessarily agree with him being the primary ball handler either. I just think we're going to get the rich man's version of what he's provided the last few years and that doesn't mean we're drafting him to be a 20 ppg player. Just remember, this is preseason, don't get too wrapped up with what happens as these guys are shaking off the rust.
  5. More opportunity this year to be the man than any other year. He's worked his way to where he is and just got paid big time. I expect his overall numbers to go up across the board but his fg% to go down. Top 50 potential for a later round pick.
  6. This guy had some big time games and some good stretches last year. I know he's playing behind Steven Adams, but I think he still gets minutes. Last round flyer with high upside IMO.
  7. This! I agree! Got him for $77 in my auction when he usually goes $85 or so. Feel like I stole something.
  8. Drafted him for $11 in our 12 man auction. I think he is a candidate for a big time 3rd year breakout. Possible 2nd/3rd rounder by the end of the season.
  9. I like ending it two weeks early. Seems to work out well.
  10. I love the guy, but there is not a clear answer to when he'll come back. What are we thinking? A month? Two months?
  11. But you're going to eff up your team REEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  12. Nobody believed in him being top 15 last year but then he stayed there all year (by average obviously). I see value in this disbelief again this season. Dude is going to be playing with a chip on his shoulder and he hasn't even hit his prime yet. I'll gladly take him in the second round.
  13. $200 13 cat 12 team standard H2H. I can keep JJJ in my auction keepers league where the price goes up $7 a season. He would be $26 this season (33 next and so forth). Is it worth it? I still think he can be a $50+ player? Leaning towards it. Need some help people!
  14. Obviously I’m waiting and seeing what happens, but my league is losing their collective **** right now.
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