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  1. Only reason these guys are on the roster is because of Brady. Gronk and AB absolutely only came to play for him
  2. Brady vs Manning was a thing in 2010. The battle has long been over, Brady won handily. I would say since Brady’s 5th ring. At this point this thread is a farce.
  3. He just needs to get 20-24 minutes to deliver top 60 value. Foul trouble limits upsides for Noel and Robinson. I would definitely have Noel given last night.
  4. He has the most reliable floor on that team now. Everyone else will be feast or famine every other week.
  5. Once he gets upto speed with the offense, make no mistake he is the alpha in this group. Evans and Godwin are really good and young but really AB is just a different level. Could be as soon as this week that he shows this.
  6. Let’s call it as it is. Matchup and TD dependent RB2. Most folk can’t afford to bench so we are going to hear some sad stories in this thread.
  7. I think this is a wasteland obviously and very similar to the ravens backfield at this point.
  8. What I wouldn’t pay to see one more drop kick by AB, maybe to some one on the raiders or pats
  9. Dropped 2 weeks ago, he has not been startable this year.
  10. Bell and Fournette will play Madden against each other rest of the season....
  11. Easily best game of the year. Typically a sell high point
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