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  1. Murray, but either your good. I go with murray though, more up side..but pretty even..both cup cake matches. NY likely scores more than Miami forcing murray to do more..
  2. I would go with crowder...robinson likely get shut down like everyone else that faces Lattimore...for jets NE will take anderson out of the game so in theory crowder should get more looks...
  3. Hey everyone. This is for a standard league. I have the bills in play this week, against the Dolphins...this is about next week and beyond. I have the panthers on my bench on bye and have so so schedule rest of season but playing 49ers next week. The bill have a cup cake schedule for next 6 weeks except next week eagles game. Steelers are playing dolphins next week and have easy schedule After 6 weeks to end of season. The question is should I drop the panthers for the Steelers, and risk not getting panthers back who look good but have so so schedule? Whir any input is appreciated..
  4. having a hard deciding who to sit this week now that henry might start or at least handle the bulk. any way, this is for a standard league with rb/wr flex. my choices cj anderson@ chargers carlos hyde vs cowboys jerick mckinnon vs ravens derrick henry@ browns as now sitting henry, but if murray sits, hummmm..thanks in advance and will answer yours
  5. demver is banged up and will rely on defense to carry them. c.j. will be more of a match up based player. the boys might end up losing elliot and will have to air it out more. plus they always take a few shots down field with dez. usually get a jump ball TD try or two aswell. even if elliot doesnt get suspended this year. go with dez
  6. kearse, been watching him all season, even though i am good on wr’s.
  7. i think i will go with thomas as flex. thats what i had originally, kamara on the bench. thxs
  8. seems like a fair trade, only because mccoy has not played up to his draft position...still he might not go for it..but its a fair deal.. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/677585-great-problem-to-have-but-who-to-start-whir/
  9. i like mccowen. he has been steady and putting up good numbers. jags will,be running the ball all day, limits bortles. big ben has not been playing well and its a divisional rivalry with a much improved cincy D... http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/677585-great-problem-to-have-but-who-to-start-whir/
  10. yeah i was thinking that too. its just bryant’s match up, SF. and they always throw one or two bombs his way. that and a jump ball for TD. kinda hesitant on thomas cause NO might go with a heavy ground attack if GB can not move the ball well. hummmm thanks for the reply..
  11. out of those goff fo sure. winston might not even play, carr has sucked and the raiders in general. dalton has a tough match up and is always a iffy start. bog ben is not doing so well lately...goff should have nice outing http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/677585-great-problem-to-have-but-who-to-start-whir/
  12. hey guys/girls. someone dropped elliot in my league and i got him(with the #4 waiver). crazy but i got him. dropped morris for him but still have mcfadden. now i am not sure who should i start..this is for a 12 team standard scoring league with rb/wr flex spot: my team; QB; mariota@ cleveland rb’s; elliot (for sure starter) carlos hyde vs dallas alvin kamara@ GB mixon@ PITT javorius allen @ MIN mcfadden(choose him over morris for back up). wr’s; antonio brown vs CIN michael thomas @ GB dez bryant@ SF e. sanders, injury out
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