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  1. i picked up hunter off waiver. would so keep him if i was confident he would take over for the season. there is a good chance of that happening. but the murrary owner has le'veon bell, bilal powell murray and allen..has woodhead too still on roster. what do u guys think? keep henry or see if i can trade for allen? thanks in advance and will answer yours
  2. no way. dont let one game distract u.
  3. i dont think the henry owner would go for it. but if u can i would get henry. your wr's are fine with out parker. pick up someone like kupp or jj nelson for filler...
  4. waiver time. standard league scoring. i have kupp should i drop him and pick up jj nelson? both will flex/bye week filler type players. rest of my wr are, jody nelson, mike evens, marvin jones, cobb, crowder.
  5. i would go with henry. the bangels are terrible and not going to score much. td's are what makes eifert good, not going get many this year. plus he is hurt already, again.
  6. thanks, thats exactly what i am going to do, if he doesnt take over.
  7. i think you were thinking balotelli pick up kareem hunt not akeem hunt, who was just promoted from practice squad. at any rate i have henry requested now. aside from thomas all options might be tempory ones. henry seems most likey to get a even or better split worst case. i,think he has the most upside too.
  8. buying....i have him. if he goes down i will just stream te until he gets back. te is way to thin right now. on the flip side, half of every league will be looking for te's so if have a back u like and can get a solid rb or something sell. for me i would just keep him and if needed pick up someone like clay just incase
  9. tough one, i would keep hunt...only cause gronks injury worries..
  10. o,they are paying him too much, it will,be a split with murry getting most come mid season
  11. counter with murray...he isma good buy low candidate. hurt with henry looking awsome...
  12. no, corey davis is injured with a hamy...will,be out a couple weeks and might nag him all season. crowell has bad match up to start the year dont sweet the past couple weeks..
  13. carson for sure. let some else chase thompson..3 carries 77 yards and 2 td's is not going to happen again..hurns needs a qb that can throw it to him consistently, u will,never feel good about starting him...
  14. thats a good offer. what other rb's does he have? maybe counter offer, depending..
  15. tough one. i think i would go with freeman. either way your good. mccoy is the better back and will see a lot of touches but he will also see many stacked boxes. plus mccoy is dealing with a groin issue. still played but did not do much this week. touch call. if u think stacked boxes will not matter much go,for mccoy
  16. hey guys, so a new year is here. this is for a late league draft, no games played yet. standard league scoring 10 team. i need an rb more than anything. i was last in draft #10 but do have the #1 waiver. my team: qb; matt ryan..back up russel wilson(for,now) rb's; c.j. anderson, carlos hyde, jaq rodgers and kerwynn wr: jordy nelson, mike evens, crowder, marvin jones, cobb and cooper kupp te; reed so i have some droppable players. anyway the options are; samaje perine..redskin chris thomas..redskins jalen richard..raiders derrick h
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