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  1. Disregard, I am not showing there now, thank You
  2. Thank You Topha, I do still see Myself listed on the Fantrax page ?
  3. When I clicked the link, I was only attempting to view all settings for the League.
  4. Greetings Topha, please remove Me from this Fantrax League. I am new to Fantrax, was looking for an area, where I would remove myself from the League. Could not find it. Thank You very much, the Team Name is LRnv2021
  5. I would probably do the deal, but its not a slam dunk
  6. I am thinking Newton as well, but I need to know more 1st. Want to make sure, this is NOT a 2 QB League, and or a Superflex ? I am figuring that You did NOT list all of Your Players ? Please provide more context
  7. League is now full. There is a possibility that NFL Sharps 2020 will have an opening. Same format, but a 100.00 entry fee. If Anyone wants to be on the standby list for NFL Sharps, the draft is Monday night, 09/07/20 at 7:30 PM Pacific, & 10:30 PM EST My email is sharkquest777@earthlink.net 702-521-7171
  8. This League usually gets about 85 % returning Members. 7 Team Owners have paid, and I have two commitments. I am giving the two Owners from previous years another day. So for now, I have three Teams available.
  9. League w bonus scoring 21 roster spots, with 11 Starters and 100 % payouts. Normally 19 Roster spots + 1 IR, in 2020 2 Roster spots added to mitigate short term illness due to sars cov2, that totals 21 Roster spots for 2020 Season. NFL GOLD 2020 in nfl.com 2 QB PPR League with 100 % payouts. On nfl.,com Drafting on Sunday September 06th at 7:30 PM Pacific time, 8:30 PM Mountain, 9:30 PM Central and 10:30 PM Eastern Time. 12 Team League $60.00 Entry into NFL GOLD League 1st place = 420.00 2nd place = 120.00 3rd place = 60.00 Award for the most regular season points = 120.00
  10. Fred Bear, did the League fill and draft already ? I know its late. Auction PPR League sounds good Bear. Larry 702-521-7171 sharkquest777@earthlink.net
  11. For Team 3, assuming this is a 1 QB League, I would either drop Jimmy G, or DParker. For Team 1, I am a little hesitant to drop Pollard, but I understand wanting Waller. I am high on Him as well. Team 2, I would drop Justice Hill to get Waller.
  12. I just got the news about Ab's release. Williams obviously becomes far more important in the offense for stretching the field. With that said, I am high on Waller this year. Probably roll with Williams Monday, but Definitely Do NOT drop Waller
  13. In a standard League, its definitely Chris Godwin. In a PPR, it might be a wash, although Tennessee's Coaching staff claims they are making Derrick Henry the focal part of Their offense. It what they did in the last third of the season in 2018 carries over, then they may minimize Marriota's passing. I would want to have Tennessee show Me before inserting Humphries into my lineup over Chris Godwin. I really don't see much of a drop off from Mike Evans, to Chris Godwin. I could see Humphries catching a lot of short to intermediate passes this year though.
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