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  1. so we starting with confidence? Or is this a trap?
  2. I would go Robinson. Seems to already be the #1 guy there. Cohen needs some things to happen for him to be considered a reliable starter in your roster. Thanks for the help on mine, I dropped Tate for Miller. Maybe Miller isn't just a flash in a pan.
  3. Full PPR Should I drop any of the following players for Scotty Miller or should I hold? J. White G. Tate P.Williams P. Campbell M.Valdes-Scantling Thanks
  4. Anybody getting cute and sitting Lamar because of the weather and tough D? I know it’s do or die for a lot of teams this week, just curious what the consensus is. I think I am playing him just for baseline of his rushing.
  5. This is what my team "threw up" this week, πŸ‘. Still have Prescott and Elliott to play, but let's be real here, the damage is done.
  6. I think this impacts Metcalf more personally, I feel Gordon and Metcalf play a more similar position then that of Lockett... that’s my hope anyway, otherwise after this weekend I may need to seriously get rid of him..
  7. I have Kupp in a majority of my leagues. He is Goff's safety valve, and the Rams offensive line doesn't give him the time to utilize B. Cooks all that much. Giving Kupp great looks and target options. I take the deal, without much hesitation. Thanks for help on mine.
  8. So I offered a guy Mixon/Damien Williams for OBJ. Not really expecting a bite, but since OBJ is on bye and pissing people off, I figured "what the heck". The guy I offered it too is good with it, but then mentioned how his team can't get any worse. I know most people wouldn't be worried and just be cool with it, but i am commissioner and trying to maintain the integrity of the league. I wanna take the deal and run, but now I have it in the back of my head that this is semi-collusion. I mean the dude seems defeated and seems to be willing to have a fire sale which I wasn't intending on eve
  9. To be fair, if the game was this Sunday I think he plays. Although since it’s a Thursday game and they can give him another 10 days to recover, why not?
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