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  1. I’d hold if you can afford to at the WR position.
  2. I’d roll with Drake if you’re in desperation mode. It may just be coach talk, but I believe Kingsbury will get Drake involved this week. They didn’t pay him all that money to get ~ 10 carries.
  3. Gesicki has the highest ceiling of the three, imo. Claypool has big boom or bust potential, but that’s a hard pass for me.
  4. I receive: Chris Godwin I give: Antonio Gibson I’m stacked at RB, but at WR, I just have Chark and Terry (I have a few bench WRs, but none worth mentioning). Gibson is probably going to be a bye week fill in, but I’m not sure if I should hold to see if I can get more value or if I should take the deal now. My friend has no RB depth, so this is one I’m trying to capitalize on.
  5. I agree. He’s let his grandma down twice now, but I’m still holding. The Colts having a great defense seems to be playing a big part as well. They just don’t need to use Rivers up when the defense isn’t even letting teams score.
  6. Unable to see your sig, but I’d do that for Kelce in a heartbeat. Thanks for mine.
  7. Definitely hold and pick up Minshew. RB depth is always more important. https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/825065-whir-100-drake-kelce-and-hollywood-for-cmc-henry-and-diggs/
  8. I'm higher on Jonnu Smith than most, so I think that's a great deal. Jonnu is a reliable target for Tannehill, and perhaps that can be due to Brown being out but he's a real athletic freak. How many IR spots does your league have?
  9. I'd take James Robinson for Boyd in a heartbeat. His snap count shows that he's the clear bellcow for the Jags, simply based off the touches he's been getting. Gruden has been gushing over Robinson before the season, and I doubt it'll change anytime soon. CT is not a legitimate threat to his carries. Quote me: "James Robinson finishes top-15".
  10. Ha... Blake Snell is the first person I thought of when "Snell" came up. If only I could get points for his pitching. Yeah, it's Benny Snell and I typically go with 1 QB and 1 TE all season aside from byes. Thanks, I think i'll gamble a bit here. I'll look at your post now!
  11. Personally, I think Ridley will finish top-7 (if not, top-5) this year. Falcons will always be in shootouts and Thomas may take another week or two after he returns to get back into form. People often forget that these freakish athletes are human too. If you need the wins now, take Ridley even if it's a bit of a hit later on.
  12. I'd second dropping Reagor. You're probably not going to win this week, but this weekend has been crazy so who the hell knows. It could be a slow kickers' game and somehow win. Good luck!
  13. Kelley, Henderson, Newton, Gallman/Lewis. Kelley has the workload in his favor, whereas Henderson is going to be a part of a three-man committee when Akers eventually comes back. Look at the snap counts for Kelley and tell me that's not the opportunity you're looking for in replacing Barkley. Newton may be worth a hold for a possible trade, but I don't support having 2 QBs in a 1 QB league. Giants RBs are a hard pass, especially if Freeman joins and as he learns the offense. It's just a headache of a committee once again.
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