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  1. Oh is the only rp on TOR with a save...hes my pick, but who knows
  2. This is year 4 of our league and need more people to join. 6x6 roto scoring and season long. 4or5 of us have 100 buy in winner take all if you are interested in that, but looking for active players more than anything and people who might want to continue for years. Thanks https://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1/31532/invitation?key=1b675a054f034828&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=bc5f05a0abcbec74
  3. So i have 9 innings left for today and 3 possible starting pitchers. If i start all 3 would i only record 3 innings each (assuming they are exact) but more importantly would i get the win no matter how many innings they pitch on my fantasy? I care about wins more than anything. thanks
  4. would crabtree be a good sell high? not too many targets but had a great week 2 and has potential. aj green is a great buy low if you have faith in Dalton
  5. im thinking 5/6 round any KC rb usually puts up solid numbers
  6. Anyone know how serious this hand is? not playing i get, but not even practicing. Hes a steal if he is healthy at his adp
  7. "This isn’t an injury where I crashed or did something stupid. . . . I slept on it wrong. Sometimes you wake up in the morning and you have a crick in your neck. That’s what it is. I’ve had this in the past." -Max As a Bumgarner owner i had a good laugh at this
  8. I think it might be dysons to lose now. hes been pretty good. idk if theres any money factors in this.
  9. Tazawa has been bad post couple outings. Garcia maybe
  10. as an owner im holding and thinks he gets at least 1 more shot
  11. pitching at the cubs next week. thinking of picking him up (10 team) while hes still available, but the cubs are hot right now. you guys feel confident in him? i think hes capable but still volatile
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