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  1. The tackle attempt by the safety on the Montgomery 80 yard td run was disturbingly bad
  2. They should give Johnson the majority of the carries at this point just to see what they have. But it's the jets so gore will get 20 carries this weekend if he plays...
  3. Ah damn, at least he wasn't able to reinjure himself.
  4. Anybody know if he was able to practice again today?
  5. Starting this guy due to bye weeks but don't feel good about it. Seems like pittsburgh features a different wr every week. Baltimore isn't a great matchup either.
  6. The bucs don't play on Sunday. And ab doesn't play til next week.
  7. How are we feeling about this guy moving forward? He's played against two of the worst defenses in the league the past two weeks and has a whole 2 tds. And yesterday if gurley falls down at the goaline it's probably just one.
  8. Ruled out for Thursdays game, abandon ship
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